Friday, August 3, 2012

on blogging/ the things they don't show you.

some days, most days, i see the beauty in this pretty little world. i get home at just the right time to see the sun cut across the old oaks and the walk to the mailbox is my favorite two seconds of the day. there are times when my little town, the hay fields, and robert in his old blue collar are truly as magnificant and pastoral as i can write them out to  be.

but then there are days like sunday. when i set forth to make an apple cake in the cast iron skillet, recipe courtesy of the pioneer woman.

because i had a hankering for it. and we just got a skillet a while ago and it needs to be seasoned. and ok, because it would make for a pretty fun blog post the next day. watch me in my apron stir these apples with the sugar! see how pretty the crust rose! you can do this too, here's the steps!

but then i opened the oven door to check on the little pie's progress.

and i saw the flames.

you know what? you find out things about yourself during times of emergency. fight or flight?

i flighted. i grabbed the pie and placed it safely on the counter (priorities, people). then i ran.

right into the living room. frantically. calling robert. fanning my arms. feeling my chest grow tight and my face flushed. THE OVEN IS ON FIRE! i shouted. THE OVEN IS ON FIRE.

and robert, being the deep well of calm that he is, went to the laundry room, grabbed the fire extinguisher, opened the oven door and shot a blast of white powder directly on the flame.

and just like that, it was over. crisis averted.

later that night, robert saved my life again when we went walking and a fercoious dog started approaching us. he stomped his feet and clapped his hands and the dog ran away with his tail between his legs.

so yes, we all have those moments. when the stars align and the world tilts just right on its axis and blogging moments abound. but sometimes they don't. and that's OK too.

because maybe those moments aren't meant to be captured. maybe they're meant to be savored, wholly and personally, between you and the person you love. the person you can sit with, at the end of the day, and savor a slice of apple pie on the front porch swing. the secret trial just between you.


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Thank goodness the pie was saved! You just reminded me that we should really have a fire extinguisher at home!

ginanorma said...

so how did the pie turn out?

Robert is your hero!!!

And you got it, some moments just can't be captured via photo or blog or video, sometimes, most sweetly, they belong right where they happen.

Autumn said...

I've totally had this moment before. I made a recipe last night and realized I didn't have a mixing bowl big enough. I ended up using two different mixing bowls and forgetting two of the ingredients (I always forget eggs!!!).

Also, I've been wondering what kind of dog you have. Is he a bichon? We are thinking of adopting one from a rescue and yours looks so sweet.

Gentri said...

I love this. This is beautiful. Thank you for this.

Claire Kiefer said...

So your pie/oven caught on fire, and your pie still turned out beautifully? Now that's amazing!

I panic in crises. I wish I didn't, but I get overwhelmed & anxious and I just can't think clearly. Glad your two crises turned out just fine!

jackie said...

i needed this. in all of our moving in/being married/building a life together frenzy, i've been really trying to set my phone/camera down and just leave the internet alone. not everything has to be instagrammed, not everything has to be blogged. a lot of times, the memories are better because they're just in my head and they're the little secrets that Ben and I share. and i'm starting to really love that.

kate said...

oh my dear courtney. this was so wonderful. i was actually having this very conversation last night with charla. about blogging and life and all those little moments. thank you so much for putting it all on paper. so incredible. thank you <3

k8te said...

what a beautiful post. such an important thing to remember. and, for the record i would have had the same reaction to the fire! my husband is the calm one as well. looks like your pie made it out pretty unscathed!

Magdalena said...

You and Robert seem to be the perfect pair!

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

I laughed so loud reading “THE OVEN IS ON FIRE! THE OVEN IS IN FIRE!” Lol! Awww, he's your super hero

Stop by and say HI!
Confessions Of A City Girl 

chambanachik said...

:) This post was better than the one you planned anyway. Love it. (And glad you're okay!)

Diana said...

You are the cutest, Courtney! So thankful that the first was put out quickly and that God whispered His sweet, sweet wisdom to you through this (and other) trial(s).

I hope you two are wonderfully well :)

annaKristianne said...

I think the Lord has given you an amazing talent to capture things into words. The way you write continues to amaze me and touch my heart so deeply. You must write a book someday, Courtney.

You know, this may sound a bit strange because we've never seen each other, but I really do miss you! I always do. And I pray that someday I will get to see you face to face.

Much love,

Cassie said...

Ha! Isn't it so funny how that happens. :) My jam is runny...and I had the pictures leading up to the setting, ready. It makes me laugh. But seriously, that dessert looks GOOD!

Hope you're doing well!

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