Monday, July 30, 2012

catch some light and you'll be all right

i spend my day looking at a computer screen, breaking only to pour a hot cup of coffee or take a walk around the building, my headphones drowning out the highway traffic. and i look at the parking lot. and people in restaurants. and the pin oaks in front of the house. the clothesline. the stove. at night, it's the blue buzz of the television that draws me close.

but on saturday, i looked up.

and saw an explosion of rose in the sky. a few spots of amber. we took a walk like we do every night and i couldn't get over the sheer beauty of it all.

later that evening, we took a blanket outside. to that far corner of the yard beside the blueberry bush, where we can't see or hear the road. and we talked like teens and looked up at the stars, the sky again a wonderous shade of ebony.

this morning i looked up and said a prayer of thanksgiving. for a clear lane on the highway (a blessing every time).

i've become determined to make this a habit, this upward glancing. to remind me of prayer. and of nature. and of consistency. because the sky is always there, whether i acknowledge it or not. and if paintings like this are always above me, it just seems silly to ignore them.


kate said...

this is so beautiful and such a wonderful reminder. thank you so much for sharing this with us <3

Amber said...

I'm gonna try to remember to look up more often. PS the fact that you used my name to describe the sky made my smile. It know its silly but it did :)

Kira said...

Definitely something I should take to heart and look up more often :)

annaKristianne said...

The way that you describe things... just so beautiful and marvelous! touches my heart.

Courtney, I have a favor to ask you. Will you "follow" my blog? That will mean so much to me to have you as my official "blogsphere" friend.

I'm so glad that I have the time again to read your blog! All done with summer school!

I truly hope you're doing well.
You're in my prayers.


Meagan said...

So pretty, Courtney. There is so much to see up above!

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