Wednesday, May 2, 2012

springtime calls her childen


there's a meadow that runs beside and behind our little cottage. every spring, the wildflowers start popping up. we were back there last night, working on the garden, and i couldn't help but pick a few. look! i told robert, free flowers! you'd pay a bunch for these at the store! i can't get past the fact that these little flowers are dancing in the back of our house, just ripe for the picking. i've been putting them in little bud vases and mason jars all throughout the house. my only caveat? after about a day, the daisies taken on a slightly pungent odor. thus, i've now got jars of wildflowers sitting on my front porch. as long as we get to enjoy them one way or the other, all is well.

i think God sends the wildflowers to remind us of the beauty in the little things. in digging through red clay to start a garden. bending down in grass shin-high just to pick a renegade daisy. lying on our backs on a blanket in the back yard, watching the sun turn to moon behind the pin oaks. spring is the perfect season for such things. a breeze of time between winter and summer, where all the earth joins in a brief but beautiful exclamation of color.

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jeanette from everton terrace said...

A meadow of wildflowers.
Could anything else sound as lovely or inviting.
I'm daydreaming of a long walk, a picnic and a little nap there...

Amylou said...

how neat! I wish more wildflowers grew here. It's just so dry! They look beautiful.

ginanorma said...

Oh I so agree, PTL for Wildflowers and His abundant beauty!

We took a walk last night and a Robin was sitting perfectly perched upon the very top corner of where the roof of the house meets at an A. It was glorious beauty!!!

chambanachik said...

I love it. Millie helps me appreciate every single flower on our walks. :)

cosplay costumes said...

I love it!Looks fresh and adorable!The wildflowers make the space amazing!

charla beth said...

"lying on our backs on a blanket in the back yard, watching the sun turn to moon behind the pin oaks."

you sure know how to live, my dear. you always inspire me to try and do the same.

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