Friday, April 27, 2012

a call for submissions: the blogger mixed tape project

i realized something driving home last night.

every moment that really means something in my life, those big guttural turning points, has a song attached to it. there's the first time i realized i could really love music (iron and wine, passing afternoon). my first kiss (the kings of swing, somewhere over the rainbow). the first time i saw the mountains jut up against the ocean (joni mitchell, california). the moment i stepped down from the alter and walked out the doors of my church a married woman (jackie deshannon, what the world needs now is love). that time in college i walked slowly away from robert on the brickyard, certain i'd lost the love of my life to jealousy and insecurity (daryl worley, i miss my friend).

but i didn't have a song for blogging, something that, in the past year and a half, has brought me so much unbridled, unapologetic joy. a turning point if there ever was such a thing.

i don't have a song yet, because it's not just me blogging.

it's me and you. you fellow bloggers. you readers. you (mom) who read my blog because you are sweet and love me. a community. a band of sisters and brothers and elders and youth.

so i had a grand idea last night, while folding laundry (where i do my very best thinking).

i want to start a little project on this little blog. let's call it the "blogger mixed tape project" shall we? 

here's how this will work:
1. in the comments to this post, leave me the name and artist of your favorite song. not just the song you are blasting in the radio right now (hello "somebody that i used to know"). but the song that for some reason, be it love or hurt or memory or an unspoken beast of emotion, is forever yours. if you want, share the story.

2. i'll leave this open until the end of may, and will refer to it often. please spread the word! tweet, link to this post, and share with your friends and fellow bloggers.

3. i will compile the songs and download them on itunes. if all goes according to plan, it will be more than one CD's worth. a collection, of sorts. like those box sets you can order off television, only better (much better, hopefully...)

4. on june 1, i'll host a giveaway on here. the winner (or winners...possibly) will win a free copy of the collection. i will also list the songs (and try to include a link on itunes) for anyone who wants to listen or download them.

this is my gift to you. my thank you thank you thank you for giving me a voice. listening to me. communicating with me on a daily basis. a collection of music from your fellow bloggers. the heart of your blogging community, all in one pretty package.

because sometimes, when i can't give language to the feeling in my spirit, when i can't assign an adjective to what i'm thinking about, i listen to music. and between the chords and melodies and scratchy voices of my favorite singers, i realize and release the breath.

of course, when i can find the words, i blog.


Lecinda said...

how does one choose one favourite song??? I think for me, it has to be Iris, by the Goo Goo Dolls. It is *my* song, and I get incredibly (irrationally) jealous when other people try and claim it too. It always seems to fit some aspect of my life, I think I feel asleep to it on repeat every night for a whole year (still not sick of it!) but thinking on it now I think I can relate it to blogging. Still over-coming my newbie shyness and trying to let the world see who I am :)

kate said...

courtney! my dearest! i think this is such a brilliant and amazing idea. so wonderful. i cant wait to see all the songs that everyone submits:)

my song is: porcelain by cauterize.

so many songs came to mind but this one stuck out like a beacon of light. its a song that has been there through the loss of loved ones and countless heartbreaks. it makes me think of being fifteen again and loving fearlessly. living for the moment and making memories to last a lifetime. its one of those bittersweet songs. one that you hear that makes your heart twitch with the slight moment of longing for something that will never be again. this song is one i will carry with me and love all the days of my life.


Chelsea said...

Thunder Road, by Bruce Springsteen. I get the goosebumps as I type this. The song reminds me of the innocence of being a freshman in college with very few cares in the world. That song is MY song. The words touch me so deeply that I don't have words for it. It could bring me to tears each time I hear it. It is so, so beautiful. Bruce is my hero.


larisaa said...

Such a good idea. I absolutely love this.

My song: "watch the sky" by something corporate. It's been a favorite since high school, and then I learned that the lead singer wrote it while he was beating cancer. And the lyrics "I will fight, there's things that are worth giving up I know, I won't let this get me I will fight. You live the life you're given with the storms outside..." and suddenly my problems are so trivial. It's been a reminder to me to slow down and live this life and ENJOY it. Plus, this has so many high school memories attached to it. Who doesn't love that? ;]

Thank you for giving us a voice on your blog. I cannot wait to hear the end product. <3

vintch said...

just to add mine in there:

iron and wine, passing afternoon.

i first heard this song sitting in the deep recesses of the n.c. state university library. in a dimly lit back study area, between an overstuffed leather ottoman and armchair. i was studying for a final exam, iced coffee sweating to my right. i remember exactly hearing the first words slip from sam's mouth. i remember looking up from my notes and quickly giving robert the other earbud. i sat and closed my eyes. that was the first song that captured me.

it stirs in me a deep nostalgia for something i can't put my finger on yet. something i miss already, but haven't found. it's my favorite.

Amylou said...

Courtney! What a beautiful idea! I love it!
And I have two songs on my heart right now that I can't choose between. I will leave that to you.

Alison Krauss - "Simple Love"
As sung by Kim Walker - "You won't relent"

Can't wait to see how this turns out!

Amylou said...

I forgot to add that Simple Love is such a beautiful song about a farmer. It constantly reminds me of my grandfather and great uncle and the beautiful simple ways they lived their lives. I want that.

exsoloadsolem said...

ingrid michaelson, breakable.

this song has crept into my bones in a way that i can't explain. i discovered it early on my sophomore year of college, just a few days before my grandmother passed away (during my first week of classes). i answered the phone call from my dad as i was leaving breakfast at the dining hall with my dearest friend. i managed to make it, stone-faced, back to my room to turn this song on repeat and collapse, sobbing, into my bed. this was my audition song for the a cappella group that became an inextricable part of my college life. this is the song that introduced me to ingrid, who sang me through paper-laden all-nighters and midnight drives through the suburbs to clear my head. i play this when i need to remember, to conjure the sound of my grandmother's voice, the whisper of tires on the 2AM roads of eastern Pennsylvania, the muted rustle of papers heard through my earbuds during thesis research in the cavernous library, the rhythm of my twenty-year-old heartbeat.

Gwen Edwards said...

My song: Tiny Dancer by Elton John

It's hard to explain, but this song represents my freedom and my first footsteps out into the "real" world. It's my coming of age story. Love this idea, thank you!

DaisyGirl said...

What a GREAT idea!!!! I'm going to be really interested to see what all submissions you get!!! So fun!! Have a great weekend!!!

Christi said...

Love this.

My song: "I'll Back You Up," by Dave Matthews.

It is my song even though I hardly listen to it anymore. But I don't have to. It is so ingrained and woven into this life of mine.

It was given to me by my first TRUE love. The one I married. The one I have created this wonderfully messy life with. The one I will be with to the end.

It is a song about hope and trust. It is a song about love. My love. Our love.

"Do what you will, always walk where you like, your steps, do as you please. I'll back you up."

Amber said...

Loving this idea! It took me awhile to narrow it down but my pick is Warpaint "Stars." I first heard the song randomly on youtube while watching an artsy fartsy video and immediately had to google the band and then promptly downloaded their EP. They were the band that inspired my weak in the knees series because I just felt like I had to share their music with the world. So yeah, I love that song to pieces.

Dan said...

The Script- The Man Who Can't Be Moved

It was mine and my ex-girlfriend's song. The lyrics speak about waiting at the corner they met at and not moving from there til the girl comes back. We did meet at a street corner but now we've broken up this song reminds me of the hurt of the breakup but equally the love I once felt. Figuratively I am still waiting at the corner for my ex-girlfriend to realise how much she misses me and come rushing back...

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh---best idea ever! I love it! I have two songs...can I do that? If not, you can ignore the second one. :)

Feet Don't Touch the Ground by Stoney LaRue (This song is all about a city boy falling in love with a country girl---and as one of those country girls, I couldn't love it more!)

Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore (This is a newer song but I think it's about the sweetest thing I've ever heard. I love the line that says, "Hey pretty girl let's build some dreams, a house and a piece of land, we'll plant some roots and an apple tree, hey pretty girl let's build some dreams."


Kaitlin Anne Lane said...

Goo Goo Dolls: "Can't Let it Go". My all time favorite song. Reminds me of so much in my life. I can't believe I have a friend like you. It makes what happened yesterday put everything into perspective for me a bit more. Someone who doesn't understand me and takes offense to everything I say without even asking what I meant doesn't deserve to have my time invested in a friendship. That is why I thank God everyday that He opened my eyes to you. We will see each other soon and then we will schedule monthly/bi-weekly gatherings. :) Say hi to Robert for me.

Anonymous said...

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun

By my own nature, I tend to be a paradoxical creature. On one hand, I view the world through rose-colored glasses; expecting the world to be better, fairer, and more karmic than it really is. On the other hand, I'm an ardent cynic. If something goes bad, that minor flaw or issue can only be taken to its illogical and worst possible ending.

The song "Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden speaks to me both as the cynic and as the naive optimist. On one hand, lead singer Chris Cornell talks about a somewhat dystopian world full of pain, both for himself and others. Yet despite the world being the way it is, he feels there is hope for the pain and suffering in the world to be washed away...even if it does come from the hands of something far more dark and sinister than the existing trials and tribulations of the world.

Thisisme. said...

What a fantastic idea you have come up with there sweet Courtney! Gosh, so many songs to choose from, although I'm not sure you would want a choice from an 'oldie' like me. Hee Hee!! I wish you good luck with your little project. You've certainly got some good suggestions above already!!

charla beth said...

courtney, this idea is amazing:) already i've started googling some of the above-mentioned songs. i can't wait to see what the final product is!

my song would have to be "having to let go" by rookie of the year. i heard it the day after my 18th birthday. i remember i was wearing a lacy green emerald tank top and i was still getting used to seeing the little glimmer on my nose from having just got it pierced.

that song was playing in the background at my favorite record store and it took me all of about 5 seconds to pick up the entire CD and run to the counter to make my purchase.

at that time, i was in a really bad relationship. my boyfriend (then) had been making me feel guilty about spending time with my friends for my birthday. he spent most of my birthday ignoring me and by evening of the following day, i still hadn't heard from him. i spent those two days feeling awful--insecure, inadequate, sick to my stomach.

but the very same day i bought that CD, was the very same day my best friend and i packed up my little civic to go camping in yosemite with her family for memorial day weekend. the song blared on repeat for hours as we wound up through the mountains, the pine trees on either side of us. i remember the windows being down, my hair whipping around in a million different directions, the scent of pine pouring into my car. i remember laughing. feeling invincible and happy and ALIVE.

that song feels like "mine," as you said, because it reminds me of where i've been. being in that relationship was one of the most painful things i've ever been through. but in the midst of all of it, there were amazing moments like that--being young, feeling wild and free in the mountains, laughing with my best friend--that reminds me how ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS life can be. that is, hands down, one of my favorite memories of all time.

and i love how music can do that--how it can preserve moments in time and remind us of all the places we've been. how it can change us, reassure us, make us better, and keep us moving forward, no matter what life throws at us.

charla beth said...

p.s. sorry, i didn't realize how much of a book i wrote! love you, girl<3

chambanachik said...

Oh goodness. About 10 Bob Dylan songs, really. Specifically, Mr. Tambourine Man, Don't Think Twice It's Alright, and Tangled Up in Blue. They make me think of my dad and my brother, but there are other reasons, too.

I Could Say by Lily Allen during a break-up/self-realization period.

Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie, because I played it a lot during Sky's deployment. Same with Warm Whispers by Missy Higgins.

All I Need by Mat Kearney when I thought things were over between the two of us. Same with The Lengths by The Black Keys.

And My Girl by the Temptations. I sang it from the moment of the ultrasound until the moment Millie was born.

There are a million more, because most of my memories seem to be linked to music and scents, but those are a few. :)

Diana said...

i'd like to second "i'll back you up" by dave matthews. it's definitely in the running for my wedding song :)

BUT, for the sake of originality and diversity on this playlist--- i choose "til kingdom come" by coldplay (maybe even the acoustic version).

(ps, this is a great idea, courtney! thanks for being

ginanorma said...

LOVE the idea, so fun and inspiring!

But I don't know if anyone would want to listen to my choice LOL


grace said...

good life by one republic.

Emily Lauren said...

"only hope" by switchfoot. no explanation needed.

Ana Magdalena said...

I am with Gina, not sure if people would like to listen to my playlist hehe

Cara-Mia said...

"Sweet Avenue" by Jets to Brazil. It reminds me of driving to San Diego to visit Brian in the very early stages of our relationship.

vintch said...

@gina and ana: of course they would! all songs welcome! that's what makes this list unique. i'd love to hear yours:)

Joy said...

I absolutely love this idea! There are so many great songs! I could only narrow it down to two, you can choose which song :). They are Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield. It has always been a song that I've loved; it was my senior song in high school and it reminds me that no matter what there is hope and you can do anything and make the world better! I also love Indescribable by Chris Tomlin because it's such an amazing description of Jesus!

Rosarosita said...

Set Me Free by Reckless Kelly

This song makes my heart feel full, instantly happy and peaceful, just like your blog.

Michelle said...

There are so, so many songs I could choose for this. I sat and thought and researched, trying to pick the perfect song until an old favorite song I never thought about came on Pandora. And it was perfect.

So without further ado, I'm gonna have to go with "Satellite" by Guster.

Kendra said...

fever dream by iron and wine

it reminds me of my love, and open windows with the breeze blowing the curtains of my once was college home, and upcoming change, and peace.

love this project of yours!

Lauren Quinn O'Neill said...

Sweet Baby James by James Taylor.

It was the song my father sang to me as a baby, it was the song he sang anytime I was scared and the song he sang as I went in for surgery. It also helps that it talks about the Berkshires, a place near and dear to my heart. I have taken the turnpike from Stockbridge to Boston far to many times to count.

Jessica Miller said...

It is so incredibly hard for me to pick a favorite song, because I have so many and am so completely obsessed with music.

However, I love "I Am Yours" by Bethany Dillon. It reminds me of the promises God speaks over me every single day.

gothic victorian dresses said...

Love the idea!Sounds great!There are so many songs I love.Taylor Swift's songs are my favourites!

Megan Tetter said...

"Wild Horses" by The Rolling Stones

Erin {pughs' news} said...

"Rosy and Grey" but The Lowest of the Low. I love it. You will too.

Audrey said...

New reader here (and hooked already).

Just saw this was open until the end of May and wanted to weigh in.

Rod Stewart - "Have I told you Lately?" - my dad used to sing this song to me when I was younger and it was what we danced to at my wedding.

Counting Crows - "Rain King" - Went to a concert with a friend in the middle of a baseball diamond. This was my favorite band, and their set was almost over. As we were leaving, it started pouring rain out of nowhere. We were soaked, but the entire crowd started chanting "Rain king! Rain king!" Sure enough, the band came back out and we all danced. I have never felt so free.

And my song these days?
Secret Sisters - "Tomorrow Will Be Kinder"
Imagine Dragons - "It's Time"

Dave said...

One of my faves is a lesser known song by Counting Crows called 'Chelsea'. The interesting thing about this is that it was one of those 'hidden tracks', so I didn't know it existed for a long time. One day I was listening to that album on a long car ride, and I ended up falling asleep, and I woke up to hear this really wonderful new song!

bethani said...

mercyme - "i can only imagine" such a peaceful & happy song, but very calm at the same time.

lifehouse - "me & you" - such a sweet song with the perfect words to a beautiful girl

wildchild said...

i somehow missed this post, but i'm so glad you linked back to it! what a wonderful idea.

one song that means a lot to me is "Huckleberry" by Toby Keith. i don't like him usually, but this song just gets to my heart. ben is my huckleberry and someday, the ice cream shop that i own will be named as such :)

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