Monday, April 30, 2012

i wanna grow something wild and unruly

yesterday, robert and i were walking out by the muscadines and we spotted a pretty little plot of land that would be just right for a vegetable garden. it's near the tree but not under it, so the shade distribution is great. there are gardens up and down our little country road and i just love seeing the little seedlings sprout their pretty faces up toward the carolina sky.

during the summer, when my cousin and i were little, my mama would always take a picture of us in front of the cornfields, measuring how tall we were against how tall the stalks were stretching. she would label the picture "children of the corn," which was kind of funny.

so to all you rooftop planters, you country farmers, you urban sowers, what are your best gardening tips? we're starting from vegetable transplants, as we haven't had too much luck with our baby peppers we started from seeds in little plastic cups. tonight, we're tilling the land. just a little 10x10 square. in hopes that the family of squirrels and renegade deer that prance around out back won't become privy to our little plans.

thank you!


Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

hello lovely friend that sounds awesome xx so i dont have much gardening experience except the sunflowers i grew last summer.... i think just plant with the seasons, make sure plants get enough water but not too much and check the soil that you plant in is suited to what youre planting!
#sounds amazing what you are doing xx

wildchild said...

i have no experience gardening, so no tips from this girl, but i just wanted to say that i love the title of your post :) dixie chicks reference, all the way :) and that picture is so pretty too!

Amber said...

I wish I had some tips for you, but I have a black thumb when it comes to gardening. I do know you have to water the plants, but I can never seem to remember that until its too late.

Blondie's Journal said...

You are so lucky to have all that space...I say go for it! Peppers and tomatoes need to be started from plants, but the other goodies like beans and peas and carrots you can do by seed. You'll be surprised how fast they come up! Make a little plot next to it for a package of wildflower seeds and you will have bouquets year round! :)


Ariel Tyler said...

I absolutely love this picture. And I agree- Dixie Chicks reference in the title was fantastic. :)

cheap cosplay costumes said...

Nice shoot!Absolutely lovely!Looks like a great garden!Thanks for sharing!

charla beth said...

ohh, i've always dreamed of having a garden. i wish i had some good tips for you, but instead, i just wanted to say that i'm so excited for you two! fruits and veggies on your table that came straight from your garden--your hands at work--has got to be the most amazing feeling. i can't wait to hear about the final product! and i hope you'll post pictures:)

p.s. love that dixie chicks song<3

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