Thursday, December 2, 2010

a list of four for you

every morning, steaming cup of coffee in hand, i sit down to read some of my favorite blogs. one of the first ones i always go to is young people in love. the writer, sam, is a beautiful, fabulous art therapist (first of all, can you think of a more awesome job?), and she always writes the most inspiring, sweet stories and ancedotes. she tagged me yesterday in a "list of four" blog game that i'm thrilled to participate in. here goes!

four shows i watch:
1. glee for the music, social awareness, and weekly reminders of

2. modern family because it is hands down the funniest show on

3. man vs. food because adam richman is crazy and let’s be
   honest, who wouldn’t want to watch a man stomach 21 hot dogs
   in 15 minute?

4. everyday italian. because i want to be giada. to live in her
   beach house with adorable daughter jade. to cook with that
   passion and ardor, and look absolutely stunning while eating

four things i'm passionate about: 
1.  sharing the love of Christ to the world and finding a 
    receptive audience/venue for the message.

2. vintage clothing. vintage housewares. vintage electronics.  
   chances are, if it was made from the 1970s and before, I am 
   passionate about it. find my etsy shop here.  

3. carving out a little time each day, no matter how hectic,  
   stressed or overloaded it is, to spend with my family. they 
   won’t always be here, and when i look back on the way i spent 
   my time, i don’t want to see a long row of deadlines. i want to 
       see laughter around kitchen tables, long nights on the phone with 
   my sister, and random trips downtown with my brother. this 
   includes time with robert, my high school sweetheart, best 
   friend and husband.

    4. my dog, pablo ricky ricardo myers. he is a rescue bichon frise. 
       we adopted him when he was five, malnourished and 
       shaven. two years of fattening him up later, he is  healthy, 
       rolly-polly fluffball of love. the kisses he
       showers on me when i come home from work make my heart 
       want to burst with happiness. he is also insanely loyal, 
       and loves to fetch. 


    four phrases i say a lot
    1.  “ten bucks says.” this is most often used to stress the point 
       that i know i’m about to be right on something. example: “ten 
       bucks says I can finish my slice of pizza before you” or “ten 
           bucks says it’s going to rain today just because i wore my 
           special suede moccasins that can’t get wet.” of course, i’m 
       all bark and no bite and don’t know what i’d do if someone 
       made me pay up. 

    2. “you know what i’m saying?” (self-explanatory.)

    3. “i ain’t never in my life…” an expression used to express disbelief. 
       example: “i ain’t never in my life seen a thrift store this 
       big.” can also be used on its own. the english major in me 
       shivers every time I say it, but it just comes out.

    4.  “man alive!” used to express wonderment and awe. example: “man 
       alive! LOVE those shoes!”

      four things i've learned from the past: 
      1. that maya angelou was right. people will forget what you said,  
              people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you
              made them  feel. 

      2. that following someone to college really can work out. and be 

      3.   that people who pick on you are the ones you should try to
         love the most, for there’s typically hurt and sadness behind
         those mean words. 

      4. that the best way for a woman to understand a man is to 
         realize he's not a woman, and the best way for a man 
         to understand a woman is to realize she's not a man.

      four places i'd like to go:
      1.   mount rushmore. i just want to see it!  
      2. new england at peak leaf season.
      3. venice in the spring. 
      4. paris in the fall.

      four things I did yesterday: 
      1. wrote and delivered five government proposals.  

      2. ate homemade pasta e fagioli with my grandfather and family. 
         noodles and beans, drenched in olive oil and cracked black 
         pepper. the ultimate Italian comfort food. 

      3. decorated our little cottage for Christmas (pictures to come 

      4. shopped at a thrift store and got vintage fabric and twine to 
         wrap presents in this year. so cute and unique, and for a 
         FRACTION of the price of wrapping paper.

      four things I’m looking forward to: 
      1. rocking babies to sleep one day, with twilight creeping in through  
             an open window and slippers on my feet. 

      2. starting my master’s program at johns hopkins. 

      3. building a house with robert. nothing big, just a slightly 
         larger cottage in a field somewhere close by. 

      4. robert’s half-marathon this weekend. you go, babe! i’ll be 
         cheering on the sidelines, warm cup of coffee and camera in 

      four things I love about winter: 
      1.   HELLO. the increase in CROCKPOT usage! 

      2. the excuse to load up the bed with about eight heavy quilts and 
         cover my entire body except a little air pocket for breathing. 

      3.  snow nights. snow days are good too, but there’s something 
         special about standing in your kitchen with all the lights 
         off, watching the grass slowly dissolve into white, knowing 
         there’s no work/school the next day and you can sleep in,   

      4. the towns all decked out for the holiday, with cherry red     
         bows on street lights and candles in the windows.

      four things on my wishlist: 
      1. a healthy, happy family. 
      2. pretty much everything in this shop
      3. nienie’s calendar. 
      4. a shopping spree at value village, my favorite neighborhood 
         thrift store.

        i'd love to learn a little more about a few of my favorite bloggers, so i hereby tag the following fabulous four:

        lindsay at scenic glory
        maureen at daydream living

        can't wait to read your responses, sweet ladies! thank you again to the fantastic sam at young people in love!


        Jeska said...

        I love Glee! It's the only show I've watched faithfully for forever. And how sweet of you to have rescued, he is so beautiful. And you reminded I need to start putting my Crockpot to use!

        Young People in Love said...

        Hooray! LOVED this list (just like I knew I would)! Thanks so much for the kind, kind words, friend :)

        Also, that little pup face is so cute I almost can't breathe. I just wanna take care of him!

        Amy said...

        Your doggie is precious! My great grandmother always had bichons. And that picture of you and your husband is precious. Such a great four post! And I love Young People in Love! She's wonderful!

        Amber Blue Bird said...

        what a fun little list you put together, will definitely get my list together this weekend :)

        oh and i am actually coking my dinner in a crockpot as i type this, gotta love it

        Jude said...

        So lovely to see the photo of you and your husband, and also your adorable dog! I loved reading your list and finding out more about you - you've so many beautiful things and thoughts here (and you also put me in the mood for pasta e fagioli :)). I did a grad degree at Hopkins too & sending you lots of good wishes for that!

        Nicole said...

        Oh, I love so much about this post. First, I LOVE Modern Family too! It's the only show I go out of my way to watch every week. Phil is hilarious...and Luke is too cute! Second, that photo of you and your hubby is just so precious! I love that he was your high school sweetheart. My boyfriend has been my friend for 8 years. We met in middle/high school, became best friends, then started dating after we graduated. It's a long distance relationship (from 3,000 mi to 10,000 mi), but it's worth every bit of it! It's so great to see that high school sweethearts really do make it! Thirdly, I just moved to New England and experienced my first FALL! It was GORGEOUS and has become my favorite season in just one year! :] Lastly, YOU'RE BUILDING A HOUSE?! THAT'S SO COOL!!!!!

        lindsay said...

        every day i feel so incredibly lucky to get to know so much more about lovely people like you! your list of 4's is amazing and i see that we definitely have so much in common! that pup of yours is absolutely adorable, and how lucky that you all found each other...its amazing how you can adopt an animal to help change their life, but they end up changing yours 100x more!

        i adore that picture of you and your husband having your first amazing that you two have known each other for so long, it's truly a magical thing.

        thank you for passing on the list of fours to me...i look forward to sharing!!

        Blondie's Journal said...

        You had some amazing answers. I feel like I know you so much better and I really see the writer in you. I look so forward to your posts! We have a lot of things in common as well!

        It was so nice getting to know you! :-)


        Ana* said...

        I loved reading this my friend. How nice of you to have rescued the puppy!! Oh, and That picture of you and your husband is adorable.

        Anonymous said...

        modern family is my jam!! seriously, i was one bitter betsy last night when it was a rerun. grrr! and i am so glad you did this post. i loved finding out more about you. and your answers were wonderful as usual. i loooove thrush vintage. also, i love that picture of you and your hubs. you two look so precious.

        i vote for more posts like this one :) haha

        Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

        Great, great list especially if it begins with Glee and Modern Family! Gorgeous photo of you and your husband too!

        Hope you have a great year at Hopkins - so exciting to start a grad school program (what program are you entering?)

        Thanks for stopping by and yes I love Mexican food too! Hope to stop by again soon!

        vintch said...

        @chic n' cheap living: i'm starting my master of arts in communication this spring at johns hopkins. i got my b.a. in english literature/journalism, so i'm excited to go back and try a slightly different route:)

        thank you all, sweet friends, for your kind comments!

        Signe said...

        this is a great tag!
        fun to get to learn a bit more about you :)

        JANE said...

        A fun post, Courtney! Maya Angelou is brilliant. Full stop (or period, as I *think* you say). Let me know when you're heading to Paris and I'll get organised ☺. J x

        Peaches said...

        I have to say, I love getting to know you. You're such an interesting and sweet person and I feel like we share similar interests. Modern Family is my favorite show on TV right now. I loooove it. AND you're coming to Johns Hopkins (congrats by the way) which is only a hop, skip, and a jump away from me. :)

        thingsIlove said...

        What a great post! Love it :D

        Becca said...

        I like the "4 things I say" part :)

        Shalyn said...

        I just found your blog through the lovely Scenic Glory and just have to say you sound like an awesome chick:-) Loved this post! I am your newest follower:-)

        mskanorado said...

        I'm so glad you found my blog, because I am in LOVE with yours! Love your entries! I, too, have a Bichon - ours is Wyatt!, I am LOVING your idea of vintage fabric for wrapping presents, I think it's simply divine! There are so many things about this post! :) LOVE!

        vintch said...

        @mskanorado: WHAT?? another bichon owner? oh what a fabulous thing that we met! we'll have to swap bichon tales soon! they are just the BEST dogs. such happy temperments!

        Lynn said...

        i can't tell you how much i loved reading this post, i read it twice because it's so full of love, wisdom and meaningfulness; as well as humor!

        the story about your dog and how he came to you is sad but triumphant and his eyes are puddles of pure sweetness. that Maya quote is probably one of my faves and after reading your comment on my blog yesterday, it's how i felt about you. thank you!

        plus it's awesome to know someone else uses the term "man alive", i say that all the time and haven't heard anyone else who does. i think i got it from my parents...yah the legacy lives on! ♥

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