Friday, December 3, 2010

to face unafraid the plans that we made

i always dreaded that section of the ornament box.

on the very bottom level, covered with a thin sheet of tissue paper--the same sheet mama had folded and refolded for 20 years in the very same box--were the homemade ornaments. ones my grandma and great grandma had made so long ago. to my childhood self, whose sole enjoyment and satisfaction in life came in the form of the entire collection of the babysitter's club books, these crocheted ornaments held no significant value. little doilies with metal hooks. little red and white rings with fraying edges. and it always seemed we had so.many.of.them. i always tried to congregate them in the back, hidden behind my handmade paper mache crosses and stuffed little mermaid figurines.

when i got married and we moved into our first home, along with my suitcases of clothes and books, mama handed me a tupperware container. not too large, with a red plastic lid. i didn't open it until i was alone in the kitchen. with half-empty boxes of dishes at my feet and an empty, undecorated house in front of me, i carefully pried open the lid. there, nestled sweetly between crinkled tissue paper, were the ornaments. of course, the usual suspects were in there too--mama had kindly remembered to sneak my "baby's first christmas" ornaments and tiny cheerleading pendant in there--but on the bottom were the handmade ones. however, this time it was different. instead of nonchalance, these ornaments stirred within my newfound vintage-loving heart a simple kind of joy, and they quickly became my favorite christmas decorations.

we're just starting out. still newlyweds even though it's been two years, we don't have many holiday garnishes. at least it certainly felt that way when robert and i drove to one of our town's oldest and most upscale neighborhoods wednesday night to look at christmas lights. three story houses decked out in garland, wreaths and stories-high trees and candles in every window. but when we came home, i was happy to be in our cottage. we only have six rooms in our house, but every one is filled with love.

but our ornaments are displayed proudly. and isn't that how it always is? things that you once turned up your nose at or couldn't care less about, at some point in your life-come to be the things you most treasure? life has a beautiful way of coming full circle. i treasure these ornaments more than anything now. here's a little peak:

things like boys and vegetables won't always seem disgusting. as our tastes grow and mature, so do our likes and dislikes. in that essence, i love these ornaments, but i haven't picked up a babysitter's club book in years. and i'm glad. it means i'm getting older, and hopefully, a little wiser too. 


Becca said...

I like how happy and adorable this is!

Ana* said...

This is beautiful. Nothing like family treasures.

Peaches said...

Your home looks festive and cozy with your tree lit. You're motivating me to put up decorations this weekend.

God has a funny sense of humor...helping us see the beauty in all things, even the ones we once didn't like or appreciate.

Have a happy Friday friend!

Jeska said...

Aww so warm and cozy. I love how you hung those ornaments on the fireplace. And I so agree, as I've gotten older I'm definitely appreciating the little things I used to not care about. Beautiful post!

Jude said...

Such a beautiful post - you have a terrific way of describing/explaining those immaterial things that make life richer, lovelier. And being able to grow, yet still appreciate certain things from the past, is absolutely lovely. Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

The Bella Life said...

I remember having some of the same emotions when I was newly married. Beautifully written.


Carla said...

Love your blog! Oh
the way,
you totally won the Thorn ring!
email me

Tunes & Spoons said...

wow. you always write the most beautiful and inspiring posts. thank you. i feel just as you do, its interesting how as we get older we cherish the things that we used to think were " old fashioned" i am now the proud owner of a lot of my great grandmothers old jewelry and cookware. i love it when life comes full circle! cherish those beautiful ornaments and wonder about all of the Christmas's they have seen. If only they could tell you the joy they have seen...

Lu said...

thank you for following miss! and for unformerly, formerly meeting you.:)

i was just reading your blog and i love it! i'll definitely be keep up with you.

wolves and sparklers

nadiine said...

Thankyou for following my love :) and reading this post is just so lovely! I hope one day I feel like this and have a lovely home like yours :) I'm your new biggest fan! x

lindsay said...

these ornaments are darling and it looks so pretty on your fireplace mantle :)
it is amazing how with time you learn to appreciate things differently. what was once ordinary is now a treasure...there's nothing quite like it :)

i'm glad you found your treasure this holiday season.


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Your place looks adorable :) It makes me miss home!

Indigo said...

Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog and the lovely comment you left!
Family Christmas ornaments are always special, lots of memories.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

very into appreciating the little things- I love your set up on the fireplace-

Michelle said...

Your decorations are so lovely!

sarah nicole said...

I used to be the same way! Now I love those 'imperfect' ornaments more than any other.

Your home looks beautiful!


Katie said...

Beautiful story :)

kristine said...

This is beautiful. Being a newlywed, I am also beginning to see the holidays differently... we're collecting ornaments and associating memories with them, and I know that the holidays will just bring us closer together. I am so glad we found each other's blogs!

shopgirl said...

This is so sweet....I'm inspired to start some Christmas traditions of our own too.

Thank you. xo

JMay said...

Love this post oh & your blog too :-) Your tree is great & even though you may not have as many decorations as you want just yet, they look great!

Victory Garden Yarn said...

I, personally, LOVE those ornaments! But maybe it's because I make some that are along the same lines... ;)

I like to decorate with my odd collection of ornaments as much as the next girl...but other times I just like using things I find around the house: fruits, cinnamon sticks, yarn, mini sequined sombreros, candles, Pyrex; anything that fits my color scheme of choice.

It is somehow refreshing to think outside of the 'cookie cutter Christmas' box and see what you can come up with on your own using found objects from your own drawers and cupboards. :)

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