Monday, June 18, 2012

scenes from a country cottage: a sunny weekend

after a week of sharp inhales, short breaths, tight ponytails and pressed pants,

finally, an exhale. a deep, bellowing exhale.

with suppers under the pin oaks and clothes on the line and harvest from the garden.

a renewed appreciation for life in the country. beside the cornfield and the tractor shed. living out these honey-slow days, storing them up for when the phones won't stop ringing and the people won't stop talking and the clock won't stop spinning madly on.

we're building a time capsule, he and i.
of slow glances and early suppers and late night swinging on the porch .
burying it deep beneath clean sheets and warm earth
digging it up again when we're tired and have lost appreciation for this little town we never left
remembering these days
remember your blue collar?
what about my dirty feet, wet with clay from the morning?
ah yes, now it's coming back to me.


kate said...

these pictures are something of a dream. so peaceful and full of life caught in a still photo. my favorite is the clothes line with little pablo sunning in the grass. there is something beautiful about a weekend filled with the deep exhale of home grown vegetables and breakfasts with those you love. something sacred:) this post was wonderful. as always my dear <3

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Oh how you make me long for a country life. There is something so lovely about seeing clothes hung out on the line.

ruthy ann said...

what was that dish with the blueberries? looks divine! (as did the rest of your weekend!)

larisaa said...

Madly in love with those hydrangeas! So beautiful. And that last paragraph about building a time capsul. Most especially for THOSE kinds of weeks. Such a great idea.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

looks SO peaceful. and that plate of food looks the yummiest.

Tiffany said...

Beautiful photos, Courtney! And I love the line about building a time capsul. So true!


vintch said...

@ruthy ann: that's grilled pound cake with grilled nectarines and blueberries from our yard, topped with a little cool whip. it was divine and so simple.

Ana Magdalena said...

These photos are so peaceful. Reading your daily posts is such a treat!

Amber said...

lovely photos dear. I want so badly to put a clothes line in our backyard but there is just no room. Its a shame cause nothing is better than sleeping on sheets that have been out in the sun all day.

ash said...

i just love your sweet little home. so glad you were able to rest a bit. ♥

Ashley Blossom said...
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Ashley Blossom said...

Your writing never ceases to take me to a faraway and quite lovely place!

chambanachik said...

Those flowers! Goodness, your world is beautiful.

Beddebah Haterulez said...

whose foot are there?,.. :)
nice site,..

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