Tuesday, April 3, 2012

the power of a good walk, and a good dog

yesterday, we took off from our little cottage and walked toward my parents' house. we met mama and my sweet sister halfway and walked the rest of the way with them. we took my favorite route. the one past the pastures and little brick cottages that line our joining roads. it was peaceful and reminded me that there is more to this life than work. more than bills and tests and papers and stress. there is earth and grass and a sunset. that's what's important.

then, alas, pablo woke up with an ear infection this morning. my sweet boy. one vet visit and ridiculously overpriced bottle of ointment later, he's on his way to recovery. i've never seen a more adorable sick pup. (he looks immensely sick in this picture, but it's just the sun in his eyes. all is well on the pablo front:)

*update on nanno: thank you from my entire family for your prayers. the doctors now think he's just got a nasty case of pneumonia, not congestive heart failure as they originally thought. still not the best prognosis, but a little more sunshine than we've had.



Thisisme. said...

So glad you have some good news on nannod! You're right, poor Pablo does look sorry for himself in that photo - bless, but I'm glad to hear that he is on the mend :) You are so right - there is SO much more to this life than work. I love that first photo with the sunshine shining through the trees. Blessings to you my sweet friend.

Amylou said...

I know exactly that feeling! I got in a good walk on Sunday but I'm already craving another!

ginanorma said...

Oh I hope that is "good" news on your gramps!
thanks for the update :)

oh poor pablo, get better real soon, Nells had a bad reaction to a tick medicine this week, so he's under the weather too:( we love you guys!!!

love that first photo, oh my!

Ana Magdalena said...

Thanks for reminding me that there's more to life than just tests, homework, and stress.

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