Tuesday, March 20, 2012

relationship series: loving through parenting

this week's relationship series subject is loving through parenting. on how to grow together while you grow and nurture a child. when i first thought about this prompt, i didn't know what i would bring to the table. of course, there's the experience i've got mama-ing my pup pablo. that time in eighth grade when i took home a "baby think it over" and cared for it for a weekend (did you know that if you turn the key in its back and prop it up against a pillow it will stop crying?) and that fateful month last may when i fostered those four kittens in the shed out back.

but parenting? real, day-in, day-out packing lunches in the morning and tucking the covers under sleepy arms at night? i haven't lived that yet. it's one of the greatest joys in my life that i still have that to look forward to. i married young and finished college early. right now i'm enjoying the interim period between those major changes and the one that will really, truly alter my life.

but i find it so appropriate that today is my sweet mama's birthday.

because if i've learned from anyone how to love and parent simultaneously, it is from my ridiculously romantic mama and dad. the ones who purposely burn popcorn because they like it that way, and settle into the couch every friday night. they used to watch VHS tapes, then DVDs from blockbuster. now the great thrill is which movie dad will bring home from redbox. technology has changed and left old trends in the past, but they haven't.

they don't pin one against each other. if i wanted something when i was young, i never heard "go ask your dad." because what dad would say, mama would say, so there was never any need. they rose early with us on sunday mornings, cooked soft scrambled eggs with cheese, and took the walk with us up our long driveway to get the paper.

they've sat at cheerleading competitions, basketball, soccer and t-ball games as we three kids have found our athletic niches. they loaded us all in the family van every summer and took us down to the beach for a long weekend. stopping at every historical site and battlefield along the way because it's fun and kind of funny.they've gotten down on their knees and prayed with me. on my bedroom floor. across the kitchen table. on a row side by side in church.

but the one thing they've taught me about love through their parenting is this: one child is no better than the other. love them all the same. every time they show my sister or brother attention, they make sure i feel loved too. they have never, ever shown favoritism. and for that, they are my favorite.

i love them to the ends of this earth and back. happy birthday, mama! thank you and dad for teaching me what love is, even when you didn't think i was watching.

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MADMommy said...

Oh goodness your parents have the exact same date night as we do.

Ana Magdalena said...

what a beautiful lesson you have learned from your parents!

Tiffany said...

This is beautiful, Courtney! How blessed you are to have such great parents!


Kira said...

They sound like wonderful parents, happy birthday to your mom :)

Morgan said...

So sweet! You're going to be such a great mama when the time is right. It sounds like you've learned from the best! :)

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

how lovely- Happy Bday to your mom!

ginanorma said...

Oh I love this story and those stories. What amazing memories you have Courtney, it'd be amazing to not only meet you but now your mom and dad hehe...
how special, and how rewarding for them for you to write so beautifully about them! I so hope my daughter could do the same one day.
I look forward to seeing how your family develops and grows over the next few years, you've got a lot ahead of you and I can see you and your husband giving similar memories to your own children, and happy birthday to your mama!!!

Emma Frances said...

Your parents sound absolutely wonderful! :] And I will be storing this advice for my future children. It is perfect! And I need all the advice I can get!

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