Friday, October 28, 2011

microscope heart : kate

you guys are in for such a treat today. my sweet friend kate from one size fits most is this week's microscope heart. kate is such a beauty. she's smart, kind and thoughtful. her blog is chock full of inspiration and themes of self-acceptance. be sure to read her "where it began" section for a beautifully written, informative look into her world. she's an inspiration, that one.
since the introduction of this new series i have been hopelessly trying to narrow down the one thing without fail that can always make me happy. and to be honest, i struggled a bit. i tried to find it, to search it out, but it became artificial. not authentic kate. i would look at my life and try to make something be that one thing and it was never genuine. there are millions of little things that make me happy but when i actually stopped trying to look for it, i found it. its the wind. strong and passionate. its the breeze. light and romantic. and its even a small chill. crispy and humbling. 
it could be in the blazing summer. that mysterious little gust that makes the sweat beads quiver for a brief moment and instantly makes you feel renewed. rejuvenated. or it could be in autumn. when the first chilly air of fall lifts up your hair to dance and whip around in its wonder and leaves you yearning for more. it can even be in the dead of winter when you are already frozen to the core but a ferocious wind attacks and nips at your cheeks and all you can do is open your mouth and inhale it deep into your lungs. and for me, lately its been when i have all the windows down driving through the streets of my hometown.

cool october air pouring through all the openings in my little car, cosuming me, and making me feel alive. with no music on the whistling, howling, and soft murmur it creates tells me a story i have been longing to hear and feel deep inside of me.

because the wind has always been a cleansing thing to me. a renewing. a mystery. it flows around you, through you, and inside of you. and you never know where that breeze has been or where its going next. as a little girl i remember my parents always saying, "God is like the wind. even though you cant see it, you can feel it." so whenever i have a moment of doubt, a stumbling block, a rough patch, or am in desperate need of cleansing, i close my eyes, feel for the wind, and am consumed by its wonder. and that to me, is my beautiful happiness. 
thank you, kate, for everything. 
what's the smallest thing that makes you happy? tell me here.


Lauren Quinn O'Neill said...

Simply gorgeous, both words and image. Thank you for sharing.

Amber Blue Bird said...

this was written beautifully. I've never really taken note of the wind before but next time a gust hits my skin and I will be sure to let it sink in.

chambanachik said...

Beautiful. It reminds me of Millie- she always breaks into a huge grin when it's windy. It never fails to make me smile, too.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

She is such a breath-taking writer. What a lovely post!

kate said...

thank you so much for having me on your lovely blog. you are so wonderful my dear :)

charla beth said...

i'm so happy kate got to be feature on here. :) this post is so gorgeous.

she has a beautiful heart, that one. <3

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