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today's guest post comes from the super sweet miss amy lou, from amylouwho, who found her infinite wisdom in the chords and notes of music. thank you, amy lou!
Hi everyone! My name is Amylou! I blog over at my little space called AmyLouWho.

Just me. 

When Courtney asked me to guest post, I was really honored. I love her blog and she has an amazing way with words. I always feel inspired when I leave her space! At first I was worried I might not have the words in me to fit in with this theme, but once I started writing, my words just flowed. I'm really thankful that I had the chance to write this post. I feel like this reprents my true self more than anything I've ever written before! Thank you for letting me share a little piece of my heart with you today.

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Everything I ever needed to know, I learned from music. Music has taught me a lot about myself and this amazing life that we live!

I have learned that I am a singer and sometimes even a dancer. I won't profess to be a professional at either, but my mom does like to tell these stories about when I was very young that I think really show how much music means to me. Three years old and my favorite activity was plugging in a movie and singing along while I danced around the room. Sound of Music and Dirty Dancing were my favorite movies as a kid. (Don't worry. I had no idea it was even called Dirty Dancing or what it was about at all!) I just loved to ask my mom if I could watch "Baby and Johnny" dance or hear Julie Andrews sing at the top of her lungs. My love of music started young.

I got my first cassette player when I was about 10. It was just my Momma's hand-me-down that she didn't use very much and we only had a few cassettes in our house. I chose Whitney Houston's "The Bodyguard" soundtrack and played it non-stop for months. I knew that I wanted to have a strong voice like hers someday. Soon I learned how to sing by ear. I didn't give up and learned more and more about music as time went on.

As a young teen, I wanted nothing more than to sing in my church praise team, and I was so excited when I got to join. I really studied songs. I have no idea how to read music theory and I failed to learn how to play piano. What I mean by studied is that I would print out lyrics and memorize them. I would feel the song out in my head. I sang alone in my room daily. Often, the first thing I would do when I got home from school was to turn my stereo on. I played the same song ten times in a row. Soon I learned what singing harmony, instead of melody meant as well, and then I could use my voice in a whole new way. Singing was something I looked forward to every Sunday morning, and while I'm not a member of a praise team anymore, I still usually sing my heart out when my ipod shuffles and lands on one of my favorite worship songs.

My love for music constantly changes and grows. I have a love for so many genres. My brother taught me that I could love Led Zeppelin and The Beatles just as music as I loved NSync growing up. Adele and John Mayer can speak what my heart is feeling just as much as Julie Andrews can. Third Day, David Crowder and Casting Crowns constantly show me how much my Jesus loves me. Each song and melody has a different message. Sometimes I can hear the same lyrics and they might have a completely different effect on me and what I take from them that day.

Lyrics become like my own thoughts. They make me think about love and life and the blessings that I have received. Days like those are when I know that God had something special for me for me to hear. I believe that he uses music to speak to my heart. It might just be our special love language, just between Him and I.

Music has taught me that I am a very passionate person. I love deeply especially for my dearest friends and family. My heart is big! Sometimes it teaches me patience and to trust in my Provider to take care of me through thick and thin. Other times I'm just filled with Joy! I have learned to enjoy the small moments in life and soak in the love around me. To appreciate each day. So when I say that I learned everything that I need to know from music, I guess what I'm saying is that He, my wonderful Lord and savior, really just teaches me so many things through it.
thank you, girl! be sure to check out her sweet blog here.


Jennifer Rod said...

wow beautifully written Amylou! I can definitely to your story growing up with music. i think it was the same for me. singing and learning songs to jam to in my room was my thing too. and the bodyguard, i love the songs, oh and i love the preacher's wife and the soundtrack too. so yeah i totally understand your passion for singing. you should get back into the church choir. i love singing at my church. it's an awesome experience.

Stephanie said...

This is beautiful. I can remember all the music my parents used to play at home and all the worship songs we would sing. And my parents were on the worship team growing up and I loved watching them sing. (They met in swing choir). Music is a huge part of our lives.

Emily said...

This is so lovely, Amy! Thanks for sharing your heart here. I love the idea of a special love language between you and God. It's such a powerful thought, and leaves me delighted, searching my memories to pinpoint my own special love language with God.

Ms. Megan said...


Chrissy said...

This is beautiful!!! Lovely post!

Amber Blue Bird said...

very well written. Thanks for sharing such a great lesson :)

Amylou said...

Thank you so much Courtney! It was such an honor to post here for you! Made my whole week! I hope you are having a wonderful time. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!

Janette said...

AWWW! I totalllly love this Amy! And I agree! Music does teach you a lot!! Like... A loT! A LOT! I feel like I know you a little better via this post...and I'm also a little jealous that you can sing.. I love love love singing, but I cannot sing that well at all.. But that doesn't really stop me! And harmonizing is the best...When I learned to do that, the world was a better place! Okay..maybe just my world! lol

Love you girl!

Janette, the Jongleur

PS. Courtney, I'm delighted with this series! What a great idea!

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