Friday, September 16, 2011

microscope heart: melissa

this week's microscope heart comes from melissa, the beautiful writer behind off the cuff. melissa writes with such style and grace! go over and take a peek at the lovely dinner party she had with her friends. if the narrative doesn't make your mouth water, check out the gorgeous pictures. i'm so glad to have such a crafty, inspirational friend in the blogosphere. plus, she's a twin. very cool.
Oprah did a segment years ago about her "feather," which she defined as an object or item that had special meaning, personally...that made you happy...brightened your day or lifted you up.  Hers was a feather.  She told us why it was significant but I can’t remember why now.  I do remember thinking, what’s my feather?  I have since come to have a few. 

The first, two book inscriptions I recently found that my dad had written to me. I tore them out and framed them (he passed away ten months ago…a devastating blow to my little world.) But a constant reminder to keep learning and discovering.  (He always gave me inscribed books as gifts.)

The second, a piece of bark my late cat Remy Fox Martin left for me; he wasn’t much of a mouser. Perhaps a little, "crazy cat lady," but undying affection and loyalty from my furry friend.

Every morning at 6:15am my alarm goes off to remind me I get to experience another day.  I can’t help but notice my framed mementos of my past that inspire me to love completely, enjoy every moment and create a meaningful journey that fulfills me. 

What’s your feather? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 thank you, melissa! what is the smallest thing that makes you happy? i'd love to feature it. find out more here.


Ariel said...

Such a lovely and beautiful idea!

Jennifer Rod said...

such a sweet "feather" you have melissa. very sweet little collection.

katie mccormick said...

so nice to "feature" a friend!!! melissa happens to be my best friend and if I could frame her... she'd be my feather!!

Tori said...

I love framing mementos like this. It's such a beautiful idea. A few years ago after a really difficult change in my life, resulting in difficulty eating or sleeping, my friend brought me some Chinese food and forced me to eat it (haha) My fortune cookie on that day said "keep your chin up, time heals all wounds" I saved that fortune and still have it in a frame. My feather? probably. :)

Blondie's Journal said...

Having your alarm remind you of another wonderful day is a beautiful thing!! That will be my feather!


Marina said...

Great idea.. I think I will frame some things too..

Jo said...

Ohh, these look beautiful! <3 I love the idea of framed letters!

Lost in the Haze

Deidre said...

Aw, what a fabulous idea.

My feather - I am not really sure. I'd have to think about it I think.

Siddy said...


I found your blog thanks to Katherine and I'm so glad I did... Well for various reasons.

Lol. First the definition of FINE absolutely resonates with me. Second my baby girl (first one everrrrr) is on her way come December first and finally, I love the idea of this framing...

I think I'll enjoy your blog a lot :)) So I am hereby officially 'following' you :))

Hope you can swing by my little nook in cyber space sometime

Stevie Leigh said...

Very sweet. Such a great idea! Love your blog :)

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