Friday, September 9, 2011

microscope heart: erika

for this week's microscope heart, i'm so happy to feature my sweet friend erika from chambanachik. erika has the most beautiful spirit, blogging about her sweet life with love sky and daughter amelia (millie). she's ethereal and beautiful and has such a knack for turning the ordinary into the special. thank you, erika, for sharing your heart.

Somehow, the smallest thing that makes me happy is able to piece light into every bit of my heart. My daughter, Millie, wakes me up each morning to greet me with the biggest grin. The sweet smile she gives me is something just between the two of us. I normally wouldn't be smiling when I first get out of bed, but no matter what time she's ready for the day, she makes me ready for mine. That little girl has more power in her smile than she'll ever know.
xoxo erika! be sure to check out her blog. have a beautiful, blessed weekend, sweet friends.


Thisisme. said...

Those little smiles really are the very best, aren't they?! Little Millie looks absolutely delightful, and I'm sure she is such a blessing to you.(erika).

Anonymous said...

Baby smiles are like magic! <3 So sweet!


Amber Blue Bird said...

my goodness she is a cutie pie.

Gwen Edwards said...

that is a very sweet photo. love.

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

oh Millie is so beautiful and i've loved this share Courtney! Erika's heart is as full as can be and it's evident by what she wrote here. so lovely! ♥

beka said...

oh the sweetness. ♥
it's true. baby smiles ARE magic. :)

Alana said...

Love it. Millie is the cutest baby ever, with the sweetest mama!

Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

millie is so gorgeous! what a beautiful post xxxxxx

alex said...

Your daughter is the cutest thing ever! She's so beautiful!

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