Friday, September 23, 2011

microscope heart : christina

for this week's microscope heart, i'm so happy to feature my friend christina from brown town. i first met christina when we were in bible study together at n.c. state, and our friendship grew from there! she's a beautiful, strong woman of the Lord and i love reading about her life with brandon and all their precious furbabies. thank you, christina. we've got to meet up in raleigh soon!

Touch is one of the most powerful human interactions.  It creates the tingle down your spine, the butterflies in your heart, the sweat on your palms, and the emotion in your heart.  The slightest touch can change your entire mood and make your heart do a flip-flop.  I’m not talking about big touch like a handshake or a hug, no it’s those small, microscopic touches that warm my soul and make my heart sing.   Those small touches bring joy to my life and are always sure to put a smile on my face, even in the most difficult of times.      

It’s when Brandon places his hand, ever so lightly, on the small of back.   The message it sends is so much bigger than the size of the action.  It says “I’m here for you."  It says “I’m thinking of you” and of course it says “I love you."  The world can come to a complete stop when I feel the warmth of his touch. 
The beauty of it is that my sweet hubby doesn’t even realize the magnitude of this small action.  Placing his hand on my back is not as intentional as a kiss or a hug and that is what’s beautiful about it.  It is a natural thing for him, maybe even subconscious.  That’s what makes it a microscopic heart action.  It is one of those tiny things in this big world that makes me stop and remember what in this life is worth living for.  It is this small action that ripples into much larger joy and that is what matters in life.       
thank you, christina! what's the absolute smallest thing that makes you happy? tell me here.


Janette said...

AWWWW! Heart fuzzies!!

Janette, the Jongleur

Jennifer Rod said...

i loved this post by cristina. beautiful. the little tingle down the spine sure is breath taking. :)

Amber Blue Bird said...

awwwww is right. that was really sweet. it made me wanna give my husband a big ole hug

chambanachik said...

Love this.

Siddy said...

your blog is fast becoming one of those blogs that I read each entry in detail :)) it's so poetic and beautiful everytime... absolutely inspiring!

Siddy Says said...

aaaargh!! did you see this??
:)) it features yoooo!!! xx

Emily said...

so true!! gosh I love that picture!

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