Friday, April 22, 2011

pablo says relax, and a little video

an executive walked into my office yesterday and, upon noticing my bulletin board, remarked "practicing with the puppy, i see." and i know he meant for children. and yes, in a way that's what robert and i are doing. seeing if we can handle this little driveway before we get on the highway. but that's not all. i'm practicing so much more with pablo. like how to relax. how to drive with the windows down and not worry about my hair. how to taste the sweet breeze of summer's anticipation. and dive headfirst into the chaos. because he doesn't know that his time here is limited. for him, life is an endless array of mornings playing in the dew, afternoons with robert's grandma, snoozing in the soft flesh of her powder fresh arms. and nights curled up in a king sized bed.

but i know better. i know that life is short. and that knowledge, sad as it might be, sets me apart. and allows me to cherish more deeply. and life more freely. there are times when pablo actually stops and smells the flowers outside. i swear, that dog is wise beyond his 56 dog years.

we spent an entire day lounging last weekend. we ate breakfast for supper and didn't get out of our pjs or leave the house. and this video captures how we spent our time. have a beautiful weekend, friends, and a very happy easter to you and your family.


Piril Maria said...


♥ Love,

Romance In A Glance said...

What a beautiful post! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

M. said...

Happy, Happy Easter.

: )


sarah nicole said...

Happy Easter, Courtney!



heart like mine said...

what a sweet, sweet post. gosh, you always brighten my days with your words.

and that photo of pablo is so stinkin cute.

i hope you have a wonderful Easter, dear.

ruthy ann said... cute!! what kind of dog?

Christi said...

Very cute. Happy Easter to you all!

chambanachik said...

Lovely. Hope your Easter is happy, too.

Amber Blue Bird said...

that little video is so sweet. Happy Easter to you and your family

Thisisme. said...

I've missed little Pablo. He is so cute! Loved the little video. Wishing you and your family a very happy Easter. Blessings.

b. lee said...
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b. lee said...

read & watched with cool; smooth tunes chillin' backstage * yay to Pablo & u ~ ~ ~

can't get enough of ur writing * *

happy good fRiDaY to u & fam' ;)

not comparing a bit ... promise * * but never have been so smitten by "words" by anyone other than JEWEL the way I am by ur "words" * * thanx!

Ana* said...

the part where you said Pablo stops and smells the flowers threw me off. what a wise little dog :)
Happy Easter.

Olesya said...

hi ^ ^
nice blog)

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Simple Summit said...

Pets are a wonderful thing. Have a great weekend, dear! Happy Easter!

Red Boots said...

I love lounging days. I swear they are good for the soul and good for relationships. x

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

oh my gosh! okay, dinner can wait, this is too cute!!!! love the bed snuggles and you two are darling, just like how i'd imagined in real moving life. neat to catch a glimpse. but okay, the funniest thing is: my volume was turned waaaaay up so when i clicked the vid there was this high pitched "HIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE" sound. Sean came running in the office b/c he thought i was hurt, i laughed super hard and had to share.

seriously though, we don't have a dog to zen out with but i do watch the Dog Whisperer religiously and believe the impact of being in a "pack", the whole calm, assertive thing rocks totala. xo ♥

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