Wednesday, March 16, 2011

to be kissed with a furrowed brow

when i was in 7th grade, i watched the movie music from another room. before jude law was scandalous, before gretchen mol was on boardwalk empire, they starred in this darling film. i remember sitting in my friend's little rec room. the lights were off and we were up way past midnight. there was a half empty popcorn bowl between us on the tiny couch, taking up elbow room and space.

and i watched as jude gave gretchen the most beautiful, heart-swelling kiss i'd ever seen. i would not be kissed until five years later. in robert's car after our third date. with the porch light on and mama waiting up inside.

thankfully, someone thought to put a little movie montage on youtube, which includes the kiss. the whole thing will give you a recap of the movie, but i suggest scrolling right to 1:44. the furrowed brow. the way he gathers her in his arms. her submission. it's the stuff dreams are made of, and hollywood rarely gets it right.

i couldn't embed it, but you can find it here.

it was the idea of that kiss that kept me waiting all through high school. it was the reason why, when i met that boy at the beach who followed me around and watched will and grace in our rented home, as he leaned in to kiss me outside the steps, i gave him a side hug. that wasn't going to be my first kiss. not like that. not with some boy named evan with terrible hair whose last name i didn't even know, who went solely by "ev dog."

every girl deserves to be kissed this way, and when it happens, it's worth the wait, as affairs of the heart usually are.


Ana* said...

so romantic, I can't believe I haven't watched this movie. It's a must!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

I need to see this movie. I have no idea how to get a copy, but I'll find it. And I think every first kiss for a girl should be like that, even if it's just the first with a new guy. My first first came from my best guy friend and honestly, I'm so glad it did. He's married and has a beautiful family now, but we cared a lot for each other back then and that meant something (we never dated though as we knew we weren't right for each other).

Thisisme. said...

I'm glad you waited for that special kiss! Sounds as if that film really made an impression on you. I've never heard of it, I must admit, but perhaps I'll look out for the DVD. I'm a sucker for a real romantic movie!

Amanda Moury said...

I had totally forgotten about this movie - Oooh thank you for reminding me! It IS a romantic kiss! :) [I completely agree that a heart-stopping, leg popping, firework blasting first kiss is worth waiting for!]

Kimbirdy said...

what no love for ev dog? i can't imagine why! :) seriously though, good for you keeping your standards. i think most first kisses are strange and awkward, but they should at least be with dreamy boys only. aw, it's so cute to think back to first kisses!

everyone calls me bon bon said...

Hello romance! (That was my philosophy growing up too:-) All of the lovey-dovey stuff is worth waiting for, especially for when love is really involved. xoxo

melissa said...

I need to watch this movie ASAP. Thanks for sharing friend!!

Not sure if you got my message but I have a new blog now...too many issues with the old one. Would love for you to follow me on the new one again =)


The Many Colours of Happiness said...

How romantic! I felt the same way. Though my first kiss ended up being awful anyway. I wish I had waited a little longer for one worthy of a hollywood romance

Diana Smith said...

CUTE!! I have never seen this movie, but watching that clip makes me want to! I love Jude Law, even though he is a bad boy on and off screen!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I've never seen this! Now I really want to watch it!

Shalyn said...

I LOVE it! I remember getting in an argument with a boy who thought kisses were no big deal and it didn't matter who or how many times you had been kissed. Yea, didn't date that one! I love that I can say I have kissed less guys than I have fingers on one hand- it is so much more special!

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

I've never seen the movie but the montage makes me want to rent it.

Every girl does deserve her hollywood kiss... i'm still waiting for mine

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Kelly's Adventures said...

I LOVE This movie!! and most had never heard of it before so I am excited someone else has!!!

Kandice said...

sean and i went and watched the scene you're talking about and since i haven't seen this film before {where have i been?! jude law!} i'm dying to see it now! thanks for the indirect recommendation!

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