Tuesday, March 15, 2011

i'm thinking i want some treats

sometimes it's not enough to cry. or to vent. or to talk about it to my dog. sometimes it's not enough to think positively, read inspirational quotes or call up mama.

there are days when i just need a little pick me up. something special for only myself. a time of prayer, closed eyes and deep breaths.

last night was one of those nights. honestly, i just needed butter. i needed to soak my bread in its juice and let it run down my chin. to laugh at robert reaching for more paper towels and smile as pablo lapped it up off the floor. so i made the most succulent steak sandwiches i could find, with a butter sauce to end all butter sauces.

and today, with rain looming in the distance, it was cafe mochas. in a little coffee shop near my the post office where my dad works. with the room bathed in noon light, and shade trees beside the window. my bible spread open on the worn wooden table, my hands wrapped around a hot paper cup. whipped cream on my nose after each sip.

we're worth it, you know.

worth those extra treats. those sinfully delicious concoctions. because the truth is, they're not sinful at all. they are blessings and, in moderation, perfect.

so last night i indulged, and today as well. i might or might not tomorrow. but i believe that God met me there today, in that room, and smiled as i leaned my head down toward the foam and prayed, whispered up an offering beside a chatty group of women and what i believe to be a couple on their first date.

i looked around, with only minutes left on my lunch break. at everyone doing the exact same thing as me. chilling out. reading. playing music. drinking tea and crumbling muffins on their plates.

taking the moment to release, before picking back up on their day. finding a minute of recluse to recharge. a multitude of angels in the middle of the afternoon. reminding me that work is good, but so is play, and both are right. so, so right.


Nicole said...

Oh my goodness, my sentiments, exactly! Today is one of those days that I "need" something sweet. I suppose the past couple of weeks have just been utterly stressful for me, and it's so true. Sometimes, all I need is a couple of hours to myself, indulging in a mocha that I can't afford to drink everyday and a sweet treat in place of my meal. It's a corner of the universe that I can retreat to.

I know I've told you this before, but have you ever considered writing a book in the future?! You have such a way with words that is so BEAUTIFUL! After I read your posts, I always find myself saying, "I KNOW ! YES, PRECISELY! OH MY GOODNESS, EXACTLY!"

Christi said...

Cafe mochas make everything better.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I like that- You're Worth It. Nice

Thisisme. said...

I love "the multitude of angels". I get days like this too, where I eat all the things that I shouldn't eat, but, as you say, some days you just need to do that. Because we ARE worth it!! Loved this post.

bethani said...

yummy treats always make things better, whether its butter, mochas, or warm baked cookies (in my case)!

hope your day is better today. ♥

erin said...

i LOVE this.

Amber Blue Bird said...

everyone needs a little time for a pick me up, for me its sitting on my porch with a cup of green tea with lemon watching my dog run around, moments like that are treats

Jennifer Rod said...

You have a way with with words. I love this :)

becca said...

yay for treats i like having treats every now and then

Dawn said...


Diana Smith said...

I agree with you girl!! Completely!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

I've had a lot of moments like this over the past two and a half months. I've needed to talk but haven't been sure who to go to. And sometimes even once I've said things, it's still been hard. It's amazing how much those little treats matter: the really good expensive chocolate, the flowers on my table, the unexpected dinner out...they make a difference, little by little.

melissa said...

That picture makes me run to the closest Cafe and get a yummy Latte!!! I love indulging in yummy buttery treats!!!

Also, I wanted to tell you that (since you are a follower of mine; was Love & Life now champagne wishes.) I have had some issues with my new blog set up, tried to create a new one under the same account with similar issues so I have created a new account under a new e-mail address & I wanted to make sure I tell all of my followers so if you follow me at http://melissa-champagnewishes.blogspot.com that would be so greatly appreciated! I will (when I get to it) unfollow you from my old account which I won't use anymore and re-follow you with my new one(this one)! Thanks again! Have a great week! xo melissa

ruthy ann said...

i'm so craving butter right now. :)

Shalyn said...

"Your worth it"

Ahhh yes! Please tell my husband this. He does not seem to understand why I need icecream everynight;-) Hope you had a great day!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

oh that's a bad day when the butter gets hauled out and needed on. i'm glad to know you made a delicious meal out of it and commiserated together as a family.

you just have a way of making me look at every common day occurrence in such a different and beautifully illuminated light. it's a pleasure-filled experience whenever i come over. thank you. ♥

Grace said...

yes. "we are worth it". seriously, the way you word things brings me close to tears. your messages are just so amazing and glorious.

Ashley said...

Those extra treats are what get me through the days when everything seems off. They remind me that tomorrow's a better day and whatever I gain from the treat will be worth it to ensure I don't lose anything.


Anonymous said...

My dearest Courtney,

You are an amazing, amazing writer.
God has given you such a talent, and I wish I could share just as you do, but if I can't, that is okay, because I love reading your blog, and reading your writing, and getting to know such a beautiful person whose heart is after the Lord.

What an encouragement you give me.



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