Tuesday, November 16, 2010

fields of gold

it rained here yesterday. not a downpour, not even a sprinkle. more of a mist-a permeating, cloudy mist that just held itself there-over my office building, my car, my home, threatening to fall at any moment, but never really doing so. when the days are like this, i just want to curl up and sleep. it's like the Lord is telling me--rest, child. there is not much you can do today. just look at it outside. take this opportunity to restore and nourish your body.

and so i did. i made creamy mushroom and onion fettuccine for supper, standing over four warm pots, the steam tickling my face. i took an extra long bath, reading my latest us weekly cover to cover. then, with evening creeping in and monday night football on television, i curled up on my couch with pablo, nestling my face in his fur. we dozed there until robert woke us up and we all three drug our sleepy bodies to bed. and i declare, it was good.

but days like yesterday also remind me of brighter moments-days when it seemed the sky was just bursting with happiness, like all of nature had conspired to shine its beauty at the same time. autumn is gorgeous. this past sunday was such a day. i sat outside and actually watched as leaves came pouring to the ground, catching the sun mid-fall. and i left them there. i don't want to rake them up. i wouldn't mind if my entire yard were covered with amber leaves. it's beautiful and soon it will be gone.


Tunes & Spoons said...

I can always count on you for beautiful words. You are such a talented writer. The pictures are beautiful too. I love that you arent going to rake up your leaves, that is the way to go!

Anonymous said...

wow. this felt like a little bit of peace in my mind today. what a pretty way to write about your day! and that dinner sounds amazing. i wish we had more foliage here, but with pictures like yours i can basically live it anyways :)

lindsay said...

absolutely magical pictures...you captured the light so perfectly.
i also agree with e.day that dinner sounds absolutely amazing, creamy mushroom, onions and fettuccini?!? yes please :)

Ana* said...

Rainy days are so relaxing!!

Jamie Marie Jenkins said...

thank you for your sweet comment! i can't wait to catch up on your blog...i'm loving all your lovely pictures!
xoxo, jamie

thrifted finds said...

that gold tree is gorgeous!

Lady Grey said...

gorgeous photos! You're blog is lovely, thanks for stopping by today : )

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