Monday, August 20, 2012

thankful today

i came home yesterday morning at an hour more atuned to morning than night. only two before i usually wake. from a night on the town with my best girlfriends and my new high heels. celebrating the end of her singlehood. there were pink feathered boas, a diamond-encrusted goblet, and a chocolate cake with fondant tassles.

you were asleep, as i imagined. the old blanket curled at your feet. pablo greeted me at the door and fell to his little knees with joy on the hardwoods, stretching out beneath my hands.

i pulled up the blanket around you and left you peaceful on the couch, your arm above your head as i've come to expect. i thought you'd sleep as late as i did, and we would ring in the morning together. it was with a little sink of disappointment that i awoke at ten and remembered your weekend work assignment.

but then i drug my sleepy self into the kitchen and found your surprise. a crock-pot full of fiesta chicken, with the recipe still pulled up on my ipad.

i am thankful for nights out. i am thankful for girlfriends that knew me when i still had the gap between my teeth and my stutter was invariably worse than it is now. for the beauty they bring to my life. the femininity.

and i am thankful, too, for you. for your trust and lack of interrogation. for the evidence that you tried to stay awake for me. and for the humble act of love you left me yesterday.

i'm just very thankful today, for all of it.


Kira said...

What a sweet husband.

Magdalena said...

There's no better way to start the week than with a heart filled with gratitude!

Claire said...

such a lovely post, its nice when we do something like that for each other x

cricketfreak said...

You guys are so cute :)

McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

You look beautiful!!! What a fun time too! And I swear being grateful for the smallest of things as well as the biggest of things help make everything in your life better! This was a sweet post!

Sorry I haven't been by in a while. We have been homeless for 3 months {not as bad as it sounds at all. We just haven't had our own place for 3 months} and then my computer wasn't working and we finally just got internet. So it feels good to catch up!!

Blondie's Journal said...

You are so blessed with sweet friends and a thoughtful husband! :)


ladaisi said...

A beautiful post as usual. I love the imagery.

annaKristianne said...

You're so beautiful. I wish I could be beautiful as you are.

Emma Frances said...

I love this. :) What a wonderful, sweet husband you have! And it sounds like you've got a great group of girlfriends as well!

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