Wednesday, July 11, 2012

you don't have to, today.

here's the thing.
you don't have to make the bed.
you don't have to curl your hair or even put on mascara.
the pilates mat can sit, rolled tightly, in the closet.
along with the stilletos and the kitten heels.
that dish from last night? the one that held the 9 p.m. pasta craving?
it can stay, sticky, in the sink.
the e-mails and facebook chats and texts and missed calls
can stay missed.
it's wednesday, july 11
and you were granted another day.
that's the truth of the moment
and you're worth it, you pretty little thing.
the fourth hit of the snooze button.
the third repeat of that song.
the second helping of chocolate.
and that first cup of coffee.
or wine.
or water.
that look up to the heavens, where sunshine
or clouds
or rain
can pour down your cheeks.
instead of tears.


Audrey said...

Oh, you. Keep 'em coming.

Blondie's Journal said...

This is you at your best!


Ashley said...

This is so perfect. Needed this today! xo

Stesha said...

great post today! love this!


Amber said...

your writing is beautiful.

Victory Garden Yarn said...

Amazing, as usual! <3

Christi said...


Melissa Kiefer said...

ah, thank you for the reminder.

Crystle said...

I love, love, love this.

Natasha Campbell said...

That was amazing. Thank you for that :)

chambanachik said...

A good post to sink into my soul.

Kendra said...

oh, i love this.

Amy @ AGirlCalledBeloved said...

So beautiful! This would be the perfect thing to read on a day that I needed a pick-me-up. Love it!

kate said...

courtney, this was beautiful. thank you for thr reminder <3 love this.

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