Monday, July 9, 2012

a harvest in summer

the weekend was hot, yet again. a heavy fog forming, forming, forming until sinking its heavy boots deep into the summer grass, covering the ground with humidity. with no breeze, the leaves on the limbs just sit stagnant, quivering only when a bird or squirrel hops from branch to branch.

but the upside about the heat? the tomatoes have ripened. they are deep and red and sweet as candy. we stood in the middle of the day and ate them by the vine as the sun beat against my bare shoulders and feet. if there's going to be no relief from the hours of sweating and seeking air condition, at least there is fruit. or vegetable? either way, i'm not complaining.

because soon enough, fall will come marching in, and winter quick on its heels. and we will don our cardigans and jeans with moccasins and wrap scarves around our chilly necks. and we'll look at that spot beside the corn and the muscadines, diminished by then to a dirt square. and we'll remember the bounty of summer. and ache for the days when nine o'clock still meant dusky light and mornings arrived with birds and rooms bathed in yellow.


kate said...

wow i loved this. so often we ache for summer but as soon as it comes in all its humid wonder we wish for fall and winter again. thank you for the reminder to be thankful and enjoy these sun melting days. too soon they will be gone. wonderful <3

Amber said...

Your tomatoes look yummy. I tried to plant tomatoes but apparently you need to water them every now and then which I kinda forgot about it so they did not thrive. Luckily there is a farmers market near my office so I can enjoy others gardening delights. Hope your week is starting off right :)

ruthy ann said...

oh man...fresh tomatoes are the best!! our weather here in the PNW isn't the best for growing them though :(

chambanachik said...

Mmmm. Delicious!

jackie said...

you just keep soaking in those summer moments while they're here :)

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

:-) Those look yummy! As quickly as it starts, summer does end. Enjoy it if you love it

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Confessions Of A City Girl

Kendra said...

oh my, those tomatoes look good. there's nothing like a home grown delicious bite to remember what summer is all about.


Ana Magdalena said...

Nothing like home grown goods :)

ps: I know I have been MIA, I finally reached that point at my new job where I am comfortable enough to read blogs. My never ending list of work-related reading keeps my time online from home limitted.

Ana Magdalena said...

what I was trying to say in that other comment is that it feels great to be able to read your posts again!

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