Monday, June 4, 2012

garden of love (and giveaway winner announced!)

we've had several  bouts of heavy storms in these parts of carolina lately. tremendous, omnious showers that begin with black clouds that seem to roll in unannounced, then spill their contents across the thirsty plains. they've washed out ballgames and picnic plans, and one day last week, robert and i rushed to find shelter after realizing ourselves stranded on the beach, ankle deep in sand, clutching mango italian ice, as the waves grew tall and the rain started pounding, spraying sand against our bare knees.

but the upside is a lush garden. and new flowers. tangible evidence that with enough water and light, things will grow.

which reminds me. one of my favorite lyrics by the glorious sara bareilles is:

as soon as you start making room for the parts that aren't you, it gets harder to bloom.

there are words before and after that phrase, but i want to stop there because that's the message. i'm reminded every time i pull a weed out of the compost, what does and doesn't belong in my garden. flea beetles? no! the deer peeking out behind the corn? of course not! and don't get me started on the family of squirrels making a home in the trees above the shed, dangerously close to swooping down and grabbing a bite of something tasty.

what belongs there are the plants we put into the ground with our hands on that cloudy tuesday evening on the eve of may. with six o'clock looming around the corner and supper with nanno waiting. back when he was around and still holding our hands around the kitchen table.

my friends, don't let anything crowd your garden. not rude people, not deadlines, not traffic, not busy, faceless phone lines, not stormclouds or sticky heat, and especially not anything or anyone that questions the beauty of your blooms.

don't make room for them.

and if by some act of nature they sneak their way in, just do what we do. tie an aluminum pan to a string and pray for a gust of wind to come, strong enough to startle them and rattle their weasly butts on out.

the winner of the mixed tape project giveaway is: jessica miller from delightfully unspeakable joy

congratulations, jessica! please e-mail me your contact info ( and i'll get your CD in the mail!*

*i'm planning on creating a playlist of all the songs and having it up here this week!


Kira said...

I'm going to remember this aluminum pan trick when we finally put in our garden next year.

Diana Mieczan said...

I'd love to have a garden one day. Such a pretty photos. Have a sunny start to the week:) xo

Ana Magdalena said...

What a beautiful reminder. Your garden looks beautiful, the images are so peaceful :)

Happy Monday my dear friend, I hope this week is filled with many blessings!

wildchild said...

so beautiful. and i needed that reminder, especially this part: " especially not anything or anyone that questions the beauty of your blooms.". in planning our wedding, there's a thousand people telling me it's not going to be what it's supposed to be like, and normally i'm so good at not caring what people think, but it was starting to wear me down. thank you for this :)

Tiffany said...

So excited for your playlist!!


Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

Aww, look! Your garden in growing!
And congrats to the winner!

Confessions Of A City Girl

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