Monday, January 30, 2012

a southern analogy: leroy's tractor

robert did some plumbing work last week for a man named leroy. and maybe it was robert's calm manner, or the fact that he just fixed his pipes, or that last week was unseasonably warm and bright, but leroy confided in robert. he sat and shared and told him about an incident.

leroy was pulling up a heavy root with his tractor one day when he pulled too hard. the entire machine toppled over and pinned him underneath. he was trapped until help came. as wheels spun and the engine roared. he emerged without one broken bone or scratch. he proclaims the greatness of our Father everywhere he goes now, praising Him for keeping him safe during those dreadful minutes. he talks to anyone who will listen, even plumbers.

and as robert was telling me this, i thought about all the weight crushing me, and i wondered how different my struggle really is from leroy's.

the tax information that keeps coming in the mail.
the school project due in april that is actually just one big, massive speech. that falls on my birthday.
the textbook reading.
pablo chewing his paws.
the technology exam guide collecting dust on my desk.
the dayplanner with scribbles on every single day.

we're all trapped under a tractor. we're all thrown occasionally. stuck in a rut as the tires rotate inches from our heads. there was one time i thought it would be funny to walk on a treadmill backward. i slipped and fell and was pinned against the wall with the belt still moving on my back. it was awful. and taught me that one should always move forward, and that things are designed to work in a specific way, for our good.

so we're all here together. pinned with weights on our shoulders. we don't know how big each person's tractor is. some are under tiny weedwackers. but some are under massive john deeres.

the analogy is cheesy. it's overused and a bit flat. but it's true.

this week, i resolve to be more like leroy. to trust that someone greater than me will pull me out of this rubble. this grave i've made for myself. we may not always emerge without scratches. sometimes we will bruise our own hearts. but the thing is, we will emerge. we do. because we're watched and cared for by someone who moves those boulders like they're tinker trucks. because it's not the weight of the burden that matters; it's the power of the lifter.


larissa said...

I don't think it's a cheesy analogy. I mean, maybe a little haha. But sometimes it's the cheesy things that your heart hears and grasps hold of. In the grand scheme of things my problem is really just a weed wacker and I'm an ant so my problem seems a whole lot bigger...and maybe too big. But not for God. Who has the right equipment to pull this darn thing off of me. Such a beautiful story. (and what a crappy birthday present. Tell your teacher to get you something else.)

Anonymous said...

I love this. Very well written (btw: did you win the Blog Oscar??). And I don't think it's cheesy at all. But then again I really like cheese, so maybe I'm not the best judge.

Regardless. Well done.

Jennifer Rod said...

i love this post courtney. :)

Kira said...

It's the power of the lifter! Love that :)

ginanorma said...

Oh praise GOD for the power of the LIFTER thank you Jesus! And thank you for your beautiful daughter Courtney and for YOUR words coming through her like a ray of LIGHT! I cherish this girl Lord, thank you for her!!!

Courtney, just like the Monkey Bars, these analogies help us SO much, this is so quite beautiful!!! Oh I am so trapped under a big ol' tracker, COME DELIVER ME Lord!


Amber said...

There are days when the weight on my shoulders can be too much to handle but just taking it day by day is the only way I've learned to survive.

Kristina Streeter said...

This is a such a great analogy! So true!

Ana Magdalena said...

"The power of the Lifter," perfect ending!

I also believe we have been designed to move forward, the treadmill example was so detailed I thought I was watching as you fell off.

charla beth said...

wow, courtney. this brought tears. not that i feel like i'm under a tractor these days, but because of how powerful this reminder is.
"the power of the lifter." wow; i can't help but be in awe at God's goodness.

Michelle said...

This is beautiful! And so true. We're all fighting a battle, and sometimes it's good to know we're not alone.

chambanachik said...

Goodness. You write so beautifully and honestly, and you always make me think about things from another angle. What a good post.

And that tractor looks as if it were transplanted from Illinois to the beach. :)

ladaisi said...

I love your blog.
And that photograph.
And your about me.
And this post.
Really touched me.

I am now following.

I'll be back.

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