Friday, October 7, 2011

microscope gwen

today's microscope heart comes from sweet gwen, who posts over at saturdays with maggy. in a nutshell, gwen's blog always makes me super hungry, even after i just ate. please go check it out and show her some love!

the smallest thing that makes me happy is the fork. 

The fork can mash, the fork can feed. The fork can work magic with cold butter and flour. The fork is my trusty go-to kitchen utensil. It never fails me when the food processor won't process or the beaters won't beat. It knows when the meat is done and how much longer the potatoes need cooking. 

My mother was not much of a cook, but when in doubt she'd advise you to use a fork to stir the biscuits or mix the cookie dough. And she's right. All you need is a fork and your hands. It lets you feel the texture of the ingredients, the weight and the thickness. The fork brings me back to the taste of things, the enjoying of things, the slow mixing together of sugar and eggs. 

The fork doesn't mind if you scrape the bowl or smash the bananas extra hard because you're mad. It keeps quiet when you eat just one more bite of cake. We can do this thing called cooking, me and the fork, and we can certainly do the eating, too. 
thank you so much, sweet friend! be sure to check out her blog here.


Emily said...

i do love a fork. It feeds me which makes me very happy :) especially when it is feeding me my favorite desserts!

Blondie's Journal said...

Very sweet post!!


Siddy said...

how absolutely adorable!!

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