Sunday, May 8, 2011

for mama.

a good mother is the most convincing argument for God i've ever seen, for mothers don't just happen; mothers are Heaven-sent. mothers are God's goodness wearing an apron, God's truth setting the table, God's beauty tenderly saying, "goodnight, dear. i'll see you in the morning." -harold kohn

i could write volumes on my mama. but they wouldn't even begin to scratch the depth of her beauty, kindness, strength and grace.

but i do know one thing. i love her to pieces.

as i get older, and closer to being a mama myself, i find myself acting more and more like her. find myself standing over the stove with a wooden spoon like her, phrasing my sentences like her, and slowly, looking at the world a bit more like she does.

and i couldn't be happier.


Thisisme. said...

I hope your mum will be able to read that touching tribute you have written for her. It's beautiful. I have been truly touched today reading all the posts from my American friends as they pay tribute to their mums. I love it that you call her Mama!

Javid Suleymanli said...

happy mothers day :)

M. said...

that's so wonderful!

Meri said...

Beautiful! You guys look alike :)

Bibi - Simple Summit said...

Happy Mother's Day to your Mom :) beautiful post, the two of you look very pretty :)

Blondie's Journal said...

Beautiful, Courtney!


rebecca said...

what a beautiful post. made yo momma proud i'm sure. :)

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about my mom! She's an angel =)!

What a tremendous blessing to have wonderful moms. Thank you for sharing, and I love the photo of you and your mom!

I love your dress!

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