Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the one where they're gonna PARTY!

Chandler: Y’know what? We’re not sad, we’re not sad, we’re just not 21 anymore. Y’know? I’m 29 years old! And I want to sit in a comfortable chair, and watch television and go to bed at a reasonable hour!
Joey: Yeah! And I like to hang out in a quiet place where I can talk to my friends.
Chandler and Ross: Yeah!
Ross: And so what if I like to go home, throw on some Kenny G, and take a bath!
Joey: We’re 29, we’re not women.

robert and i took my brother to an oberhofer concert about two hours away last night. it was a great memory, filled with singalongs in the car and dashes to convenience stores to grab coffee and stay awake. we laughed together, tapped our toes together and, when i looked over at my brother, in the dark, hole-in-the-wall hangout, on the busy college street far from home, and caught a glimpse of the pure joy on his face, i knew it was a night i'd always remember.

however, the night also taught me a little about myself. number one, that i am no longer immune to the deafening effects of sitting right up close to the stage, where the speakers are pumping and the singers keep calling for the sound tech to "give me a little more umph in my guitar." as soon as the band started, i yelled to robert, who was sitting mere inches from me, "must it be so loud?" i looked around at everyone else and felt incredibly ridiculous. it seemed i was the only one just a bit uncomfortable. girls with perfect bangs and vintage floral dresses were right up by the stage, swaying to the vibrations. grown men were standing in the back, swaying just enough to be moving, beer in  one hand, the other raised high in the air, pushing it down in rhythm to the harmony.

i felt even older when i noticed that, at the very front of the stage, was a middle-aged woman. dancing like there was no tomorrow. when the music got to be too much, i would just stare at her and daze. this woman was seriously shaking it, and did not stop even when the band did, as she relived her hair band glory days with her platinum blond hair and ankle boots.

so i left feeling ancient. but that's okay. because even though i might not be able to party like i used to (which was never much to begin with, if we're being honest), i still went. still made the effort to make my brother happy, and still, yes, enjoyed it. even if i fell asleep the second we started for home.


Nicole said...

I loved that Friends episode. Actually, I love practically all Friends episodes! Great insight about your brother's face making it all worth it. I hope you're not bummed about being "ancient." This is just a different stage of your life filled with different things to revel in! SO, I hope that "im not cool" label doesn't grow in number of posts!

wilybrunette said...

i'm with you. priorities change. things we want change. and we don't always want to stay out so late. and yet...sometimes...the spirit moves us and when we least expect it we're 17 again dancing like a crazy person (at least that's been my experience).

on a separate note: i find it seriously depressing that in tv land 29 is ancient. i'm too close to that for comfort!

Ana* said...

I have been feeling ancient and loving quiet time more than ever(and I am only 21). I guess I have always been this way but I have finally accepted it and that makes all the difference. I experienced the night life (thanks to my curiosity). I wanted to know why so many people were drawn to it, while I never saw the fun in it.

Emily said...

What a great part of friends to go with that post! I think it happens as we all get older, we all get a little more reserved and cant handle the stuff we used to. When was the last time you tried to do a handstand or a cartwheel? Now that will make you feel old haha.

bethani said...

i have the feeling ancient feeling the closer i get to 30. bedtimes are early, teenagers make me cranky, and loud rock in the misters truck hurts my ears. ugh to get older in the mental/emotional way.

hopefully turning 27 or 28 or 29 changes this problem.

erin said...

i LOVE this episode.
i'm a friends fanatic.
and you know what, i'm 24, and feel the same as you. i'm always saying, "i'm not as young as i once was!" and neither is my metabolism. ugh.

melissa said...

LOVE this episode. I feel like you're talking about me because I am the exact same way! I feel so ancient about things like this with loud music etc. I'm glad I am not alone!!! xoxo

Jennifer Rod said...

I totally understand! At times when hanging out with the kids in my youth group I feel out of place. And when I mention reading a book, or how much I love Saved by the Bell or other old shows, I feel ancient. But I also really enjoy being in my late 20s. Every stage has it's beauty!

becca said...

i use to love watching the show Friends

cailen ascher said...

oh how i miss FRIENDS! my sister and i still quote it all the time : )

cute blog - glad i stopped by. i'm your newest follower

Amber Blue Bird said...

I went to an Incubus concert about 4 years ago with my husband and never felt older. We were on the middle of the crowd and as soon as the band came on they crowd started jumping around and getting very husband and I ended up moving to the back of the crow...we wished we had gotten seats instead :)

sarah nicole said...

Oh, Friends! You still make me laugh...

And I totally feel you on the old lady thing. I am notorious amongst my friends for turning in early.

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

awe, love it lades! way to support your bros passions and take one for the team ; ) kidding but i have to say i do enjoy going to a live show, so much in fact that the mass amounts of standing up front at concerts has given me permanent hearing loss. yikes! but it's all good b/c of those kinds of memories that you speak of, i've loved people watching and grooving along. even if now i have to continually say "excuse me, would you repeat that?" total little ol' lady ears ; )

you are not old love, you just enjoy different things is all. ♥

shopgirl said...

Gotta love friends. So true! Good for you for trying anyways!

And I agree with Lynn, there's a period in all our lives where we enjoy doing different things.


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