Wednesday, February 16, 2011

my own little world

currently listening to this song.

the lyrics get me every time, especially these:

Father, break my  heart for what breaks Yours
give me open hands and open doors
put Your light in my eyes and let me see
that my own little world is not about me

i want to remember these words. more than as lyrics. more than as rhymes. as a mantra that i can chant silently and actually live. because it's so hard to. live unselfishly, that is.

to not wait for opportunity to knock, but to walk up to the door, break it down, and meet opportunity face to face. to minister, share and love on people, because that's what we're called to do. to listen and fellowship and give.

because if i wait until i have "open hands" chances are i'll always have a tightly bundled fist. the hard part is opening up my own hand, not waiting on others to reach out to me in need.

the challenge is to live like our Father in a world that tries to inundate with the idea of self. to maintain that root, that special tie, to the heavens when walking on the pavement.

one of my favorite Christian t-shirts says "be ye fishers of catch them, He'll clean them."

i'm casting my net today. and slowly, fearfully, but faithfully, leaving the shore.


Becca said...

ouch. that song does it for me too!
so good, but convicting for sure. thanks for your honesty :)

Thisisme. said...

Lovely post vintch. "the hard part is opening up my own hand" - I liked that piece very much. You have such a beautiful way with those words of yours, and I;m sure that all those you meet feel blessed.

becca said...

love the picture

jeny said...

Why is it the blind faith is the hardest? To trust that taking the risk WILL lead to the right opportunity? That opening your curtains to let the world in will bring more joy and less pain. Thank you for always challenging me to think through things I never have the courage to say out loud.

Ana* said...

"you catch them- He cleans them," --> I love this, I wish my mother's church understood He is the only one who cleans them.

mskanorado said...

This is such a lovely post! This is such an important lesson that we all need to take in and learn from, be reminded by. And to Ana*, there are lots of people that need to learn that lesson too many take it upon themselves which makes them no better than the sinner. What's the saying - let not a sinner cast the first stone -? I have come across too many that take it upon themselves to do that especially in churches that's why it's so hard to find a nice church home these days

Amber Blue Bird said...

have I told you lately how much I love reading your posts.....well i do. I cant exactly put my finger on it, but every time I finish one of your posts my mood improves sometimes for just a split second but there is always that moment when all seems right and there is a smile on my face. Thank you for your words

Shalyn said...

So sweet, Courtney! I love posts about loving others and service. Thanks for this today:-)

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh I love love love that song too! I used it in a blog a while back and just think it's so perfect. Thanks for sharing--your blogs are always so amazing!


Diana Mieczan said...

I love what that t-shirt says:) Its really beautiful:) Hope you are having a great week so far

AE Jones said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing, cute girl. (My blog post today is based on one of your posts from a couple days ago... I give you a shout out. LOVE YOU!)

Inspired said...

Love your blog. Excited to be a new follower!
Your clothesline header is particularily interesting to me. :)

From Inspiration Clothesline

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