Wednesday, November 24, 2010

yellow tights and buttons

pre-post note:
thank you to the sweet readers who requested a vintch blog button. there's now a little link to the button on the right sidebar. blog buttons are super fun and remind me of american girl grin pins.

now on to the story...

i wore yellow tights to work yesterday.

when i slipped them on that morning, i was so happy. everything about them--from their retro mustard shade to their velvety texture, made my cold, gray morning a little brighter. they also made me smile with love, because they were picked out and purchased as a surprise for me by my sweet mama. late monday evening, she came to me, her hands sneakily behind her back. close your eyes and hold out your hand, she said, unable to hide her excitement. when she laid them in my open hand, i looked up at her. she was beaming. i found these for only $2! they're nine west! she exclaimed (if there was ever a question about where my love for thriftiness comes from, look no further than this woman).

and i loved them. i loved them so. and i loved her for knowing my style so well. for embracing what makes me unique and special and investing her time and money (no matter how much) into making me feel beautiful.

so i hopped into my car, played my favorite christian radio station, ran the heat on full until the cold left my bones, and started the day with a full heart.

then i got to work and it happened.

the stares.

the polite, quick look-aways, as if my tights were blinding and they shouldn't look too long at them, like the sun. like it wouldn't have mattered if i had shown up to work completely naked sans the tights.

one man was walking a new employee around the office. he stopped at mine and introduced me as the girl with the yellow legs. 

one woman came to my office, sat down beside me and said those are the most...unique...tights i've ever seen. i asked if that was a compliment. she said i don't know. i just really don't like that color.

to which i promptly thought:

well then, good thing they're my tights and not yours.

because i knew something she didn't. i knew that these tights were more than a fashion statement. more than just an accessory with my floral skirt and white sweater. more than a fabulous steal. more.than.yellow.

they were the physical manifestation of a bond between mother and daughter. of sweet sacrifice and thoughfulness. of monday night surprises after crockpot suppers.

and for that reason alone, i will wear them.

i also happen to really, really love them. and that realization fills my heart up so much that all the judging stares and rude comments, all of the slow-downs and second glances, corporate kitchen pauses and head-to-toe once overs



MADMommy said...

lol if only people were as open with their minds as they are their mouths. you better wear them to work again soon! :)

Jeska said...

love them! and I agree to wear them again!!

elisabeth. said...

i love your tights!
i love your button {and i'm stealing it}.
i love you blog {i just stumbled across you the other day}.

the end.

sarah nicole said...

What a sweet mom! I absolutely love them and, the funny thing is, they will probably be wearing them in a season or too. Embrace the funny looks because they mean that you are original! : )

I will be grabbing this blog button for sure.


Ana* said...

Everybody is so used to blending in that people don't appreciate difference. How boring would the world be if we all liked the same things? Very very boring.

Rock those yellow tights again, if anybody doesn't like them they might need some yellow in their life too! your mom is a sweetie, you are a sweetie too!

Peaches said...

I like them! My mama gives me random, special gifts too and I love them because they're from her.

I agree w/ everyone else, rock the tights sweetie! Especially if they make you happy. I give you kudos because you're not afraid to be you!

P.S. I totally put your button on my blog!

lindsay said...

omg...i would wear this beautiful mustard yellow tights in a second! i actually have been searching high and low for a pair for myself. :) i already get the second glances and wierd looks...what's a few more :)

all i can say is, we are unique and as long as we are who we want to be that is all that matters!!


ps cute button and such a beautiful addition to my blog :)

Demi said...

thanks for following me,
I'm your newest follower to!

Jamie Leigh said...

Hey! Thanks for the follow, I am now following you as well! I love your blog, its so creative :)

-Sam I Am- said...

umm HELLO adorable tights!!! I love it :)

Just grabbed your button, yay!!!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

She said that? I don't like the color! Gosh- I love them- that is my FAVORITE color- love love love yellow in every shade- yellow is a happy color- and I love your skirt and I love your shoes and I think you look super cute!

Amber Blue Bird said...

wow that was a rude comment from your co-worker but you handled the situation perfectly. I have a pair of lavender oxfords that my brother in law calls my bowling shoes and constantly makes fun of but who cares? I love them and I love your yellow tights

Louisa May said...

YaY! I love your tights! How cool is your mum?!x

Amy said...

You go girl! Those tights are so sweet! I love you even more for wearing them and wearing them proudly! Wish I were more like you :)

elanor, said...

i love your attitude! golden tights are amazing. you rock them. :)

xx elanor

Signe said...

Hahaha, you go girl! I love them, don't you care about what other people think!
Next time wear them with a red dress and orange shoes - that will give them something to stare at ;)

jessica.adams said...

I LOVE your yellow tights. In fact, I think I might need some myself. I especially love the story behind them.


Daydream Living said...

Hi Courtney!
I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! Yellow is my daughter's favorite color, and I have to say I really like them on you (I'm more a basic with color accessories girl), I thought that this photo was your new button photo, it's really cute! Oh, and I always like to say to people who want to be rude, *if you don't like what I'm wearing, don't look!*
Night sweetie,

Young People in Love said...


ashley in wonderland said...

man, i love love love yellow tights!
they look great on you

charla beth said...

ha, i love this so post so much!
you are darling; i love the confidence you carry to wear anything you put your mind to :)
that, right there, is true fashion and beauty!

beka said...

i love this so much. :)

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