Saturday, November 6, 2010

run like a race for family

do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? run in such a way as to get the prize. -1 corinthians 9:24

some run for the freedom-that delicious feeling of wind through hair, air ripping against clothing, brush tickling shins.

some run for the social aspect-that intimate feeling of being healthy with friends.

many run for the sheer glory of victory. that heightened feeling of euphoria that can only come when ripping through a finish line banner. for many, that feeling comes from simply finishing.

then there is robert, who runs for all of the above reasons, and more. we're off to raleigh today to watch him run in the city of oaks marathon. and i'm so proud of him.

robert, though it wasn't written into our vows, i promise you this. i will be there as you cross the finish line.

robert at the 2009 high point marathon last spring


Rachel at The Inspired said...

I love these photos! Your blog is beautiful by the way..welcome to the world of blogger! xoxo

vintch said...

thank you rachel! i love your blog as well. the engagement pictures! i swoon!

happy blogging- i look forward to your posts!

Anna said...

Dear Courtney,

The more I read your blog, the deeper love and admiration I feel for you and your family as a dear friend.

I am a runner too, and I admire Robert for being a runner!

I personally love to run because it is one of the best and most personal ways for me to spend some time with the Lord. Running reminds me of my vulnerable and weak I am, and it also reminds me that though vulnerable and weak I may be, He can strengthen me to take the steps to eventually complete the race to be with Him forever then afterwards.

If there's any new race Robert is running in, please let me know. I will be cheering for him through prayers! Always.



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