Wednesday, November 10, 2010

1,700 miles

joni mitchell said her heart cried out for it. the mamas & the papas dreamt about it.

and...i'd never seen it. 

never even been close. california was unreal to me-a glittery dreamscape of imagery that i could only think about, but never truly touch. even now, home from my trip armed with a suitcase full of memories, i don't think i really touched it. there was no way to. no way to wrap my mind around the beauty and savor it.

robert and i are from the south. and in north carolina, if you're vacationing, chances are you're headed south to myrtle beach. though there's something to be said of the fabulous kitsch that has permeated those shores, we wanted -- dreamed of--something more. we have a tradition of taking one big vacation a year before children come to bless our lives. last year-the hot air ballon festival in albuquerque, new mexico. this was something else. it was here i fell in love with green chile sauce, old churches bursting at the seams with history, and adobe architecture.

 albuquerque hot air balloon fiesta-2009

this trip was special. we started in seattle, washington and drove to los angeles, california. 1,700 miles, all along the pacific coast highway. when i wasn't gripping the sterring wheel out of sheer fear of falling off the edge of the cliffs, it was a sight to behold. 

mountains married to the sea-what an idea.

but you know what? home is equally as lovely. because it's just  that-home. and traveling is fabulous. truly one of the most wonderful things in the world. but nothing beats sleeping in your own bed.


Tunes & Spoons said...

Wow, those photos are incredible! I love the one with all of the balloons in the background! What a beautiful trip! I love what you said about mountains being married to the sea. are right: nothing...NOTHING is like sleeping in your own bed. Amen sister!

Celeste said...

I can't believe you made the trip! So amazing! I'm from SF and my boyfriend and I are driving up to Seattle in December. I'm so excited!

vintch said...

Hey friends:) yes, the trip was awesome-so inspiring! celeste-you are in for such a treat! i highly suggest taking highway 1 the whole time. if you can stomach the twists and turns, you simply cannot beat the scenery:) san fran was one of my favorite stops! you live in a such a lovely place:)

Jenni said...

Just noticed you following me and thought I'd stop by! LOVELY blog!! I'm looking forward to following you!

And you're right - there is no place like home. I appreciate my home SO much more after "vacation." :)

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh. i felt like reading your blog is a treat! you are an amazing writer, and your pictures are gorgeous. so glad i have the chance to read more and follow you now!

vintch said...

jenni-hi! thanks for following vintch:) your blog is so fun! i'm loving your "list of ten tuesdays":) can't wait to get in on the next one!

hi e-day! so happy you are here too! you and your jj are super inspiring and, your latest post made me laugh out loud. the best part was the fabulous use of the word "junknasty." :) so glad to meet such wonderful ladies through blogger!

la mì said...

amazing images!
my name's martina and I come from Italy...I would like visit my blog and if you like it...follow me!I wait you and your suggestions! kiss kiss ^^

sarah nicole said...

Such beautiful photos! I have lived in New Mexico and loved it, and I hope to live in Washington some day. You captured what I love most about both cities : )

vintch said...
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vintch said...

hi sarah nicole:) you are one lucky woman to have lived in new mexico. i tell you what. it was AWESOME. one of the best trips of my life:)

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